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National Security and the ECHELON System

The history, correct and exaggerated, of the National Security Agency's so-called "ECHELON" system. This is the information that reporters and parliamentary investigators scrambled for in the late 1990s. Most of it was forgotten after the 9/11 attacks.

South African Arms Smuggling Report

Johan Erasmus’s testimony has it all: illegal export of surplus ammunition to the United States and other countries, secret bank accounts, Israeli and CIA mercenaries, Jordanian customers, encrypted communications, uranium smuggling, and the dark side of what AFRICOM is doing in Africa.

The Lloyd's of London Suit Against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Founded in 1774, Lloyd's of London is one of the world's oldest insurance companies and in a law suit against Saudi Arabia, a number of details are brought out.

French Intelligence Classified Report on Bin Laden Family

What did French intelligence know about the Bin Laden family?

March 25-26, 2014 -- McCarthyism returning to America

The neocons always find it in their best interests to demonize those who oppose their expansionist and jingoistic policies. During the U.S. war against Iraq, those Americans who opposed military action were accused by the neocons of being Saddam Hussein . . .

March 31, 14 -- Wikipedia Extortion Racket

Wikimedia is a "pay-to-play" on-ine PR racket.


USAID's ZunZuneo/Twitter caper in Cuba is yet another in a long history of the aid agency being used, along with its front companies, for "plausible deniability" operations by the CIA. Read about ZunZuneo and past USAID operations.

Europe's New Political Landscape

A study of the new and old parties in the European Parliament.

Unfurled: A flag Gazetteer

Identification tool for the world's major and minor flags and banners


Washington Investigative Reporter Wayne Madsen on the Trail of the Bushes and their Murderous Accomplices   

A WMR Special Report

WMR Trump-Kushner-Sater-Manafort Global Syndicate Road Map

This Trump-Kushner-Sater-Manafort Global Syndicate Road Map is presented in the spirit of the amazing relational artwork of the late artist Mark Lombardi. The Lombardi drawings illustrated the myriad links between the George H. W. Bush family, the Osama Bin Laden family, businesses like the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), the Saudi Arabians, and other dubious entities and individuals. Lombardi died from an alleged "suicide-by-hanging" in 2000, however, the FBI showed a keen interest in his museum-exhibited drawings as part of their investigation of the 9.11 attack.

The Fourth Reich of Donald Trump and Steve Bannon

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