United States
iHeartMedia, Inc. files for bankruptcy. Hooray! Bain Capital-operated company carries the following radio trash that will hopefully be consigned to the dustbin of the radio frequency spectrum, forever: America Now with Meghan McCain, The Glenn Beck Program, The Rush Limbaugh Show, The Sean Hannity Show, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory,
The Mark Levin Show, and The Dave Ramsey Show.
In what will known in history as the "Tuesday Morning Massacre," Trump fires Undersecretary of State for public diplomacy and public affairs Steve Goldstein. Goldstein, like Tillerson, came out of the oil industry. He had been Senior Vice President of BP Global Solutions before taking job at State.
Trump personal assistant John McEntee fired by Trump, escorted from White House grounds. There has never been a shakier administration in U.S. history.
Tillerson fired as Secretary of State. CIA director Mike Pompeo to State and Gina Haspel, aka "Ms. Torture," as CIA director. Trump is going full neocon with John Bolton now seen regularly at the White House and in line to replace McMaster as National Security Adviser.
Foreign Service Officer sues Infowars, Alex Jones, and Jones's gay alt-right colleague Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit for defamation. Brennan Gilmore claims defendants made “false and defamatory” statements regarding his filming of Charlottesville protest.
Trump calls for death penalty for drug dealers. In a speech worthy of Robert Mugabe, Trump lashes out at media figures and Reagan.
Trump made up trade information prior to meeting with Trudeau. Trump is less intelligent than Rush Limbaugh's anal cyst.
Drug-dealing Doug Ford becomes new Tory leader in Canada. Brother of Toronto's late mayor Rob Ford, sold hashish in 1980s.

Latin America
Rio councillor critical of police assassinated. Suspicions on right-wing government in killing of Socialism and Liberty Party rising star.
Tourists expelled from Peru for "mooning" camera at sacred Machu Picchu. Follows tourists "porn dancing" at Angkor Wat and an American gay couple mooning Wat Arun and Wat Pho temples in Bangkok. Perhaps caning the arses of these morons is in order before deportation.
Right-wing Sebastian Pinera sworn in for second non-consecutive term as president. Pinera is a cipher for the Pinochet military dictatorship.
Honduras, Paraguay, and Czechia on verge of moving their embassies in Israel to Jerusalem. All three are governed by right-wing crooks.

EU blacklists US Virgin Islands as a “non-cooperative jurisdiction” for tax purposes. Joins Guam and American Samoa.
Cuba and Bolivia to expand trade. Cuban trade official in La Paz for talks.

New German Interior Minister: "Islam does not belong to Germany. Germany has been shaped by Christianity." Horst Seehofer throws down gauntlet to Germany's 4.7 million Muslims.
Macedonia joins UK, Bulgaria, and Romania in stipulating that demonization of Israel constitutes "anti-Semitism." A Zionist dog whistle becomes law of the land in Skopje.
Trump's CIA nominee Gina Haspel facing European arrest warrant for torture. German federal prosecutors reviewing warrant request.
Boris Berezovsky close friend Nikolai Glushkov found dead in London home. Both Russian exiles were part and parcel of the Kosher Nostra Russian mafia.
Russian Jews don't feel Putin's comments about Jews and hacking was anti-Semitic. They see their nationality as Jewish, not Russian.
Polish senator calls for Israeli ambassador Anna Azari to be expelled for her remarks about anti-Semitism in Poland. Follows Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stating that the Holocaust included Jewish perpetrators. Yes, they were called kapos.

Middle East
Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey cement ties. Quadrilateral allliance being formed.
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) has hidden away his own mother. Reformer? Only in Zionist and neocon circles. MbS says Iran's Khamenei "like Hitler." Rhetoric is straight out of Netanyahu's playbook.
UAE and Bahrain violate Qatari airspace. Follows seizure of Qatari fishing boat by UAE.

South Asia
U.S. military abandoning Kyrgyzstan. CENTCOM shown the door by Bishkek.
Four Central Asian presidents meet in rare summit in Kazakhstan. Turkmenistan represented by parliament head.
Pakistan court rules religious identification mandatory on all official documents. Ahmadis to face severe persecution from Sunnis.

East and Southeast Asia
North Korean official in Finland for talks with U.S. and South Korean envoys. Talks clouded in secrecy.
North Korean foreign minister visits Sweden. Sweden handles U.S. consular affairs in Pyongyang.
Duterte pulling Philippines out of International Criminal Court. This constitutes another major loss for George Soros.
Cronyism scandal shakes Abe government in Japan. Falsified documents and a suspicious Finance Ministry death dim Abe's future political prospects.

Mayotte residents rounding up illegal migrants. France condemns rounding up of Comorans and Africans.
Pentagon covered up another skirmish in Niger. Firefight occurred in Lake Chad Basin region.
Former Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi is not dead, says Foreign Ministry. Calling Chevy Chase!
Femi Fani-Kayode, former Nigerian Minister of Aviation, says President Buhari's "bad luck" rubbed off on Tillerson. Calls Tillerson's replacement "George Pompeio." Who?
Tillerson cuts short Africa trip. Flies back to Washington a day early from Nigeria.
Presidential election in Sierra Leone to go to second round after close finish. All People’s Congress has razor-thin margin over opposition party.

Australia extending fast-track visas for white South African farmers. Farmers facing violence in South Africa.
Australian annexation wrecked Norfolk Island's tourism industry. Industry demands direct air service to New Zealand.

Polar Regions
No wall on Alaska-Yukon border. Yet.
Argentine submarine was spying on Falkland Islands when it went missing. Argentine President Macri lied about its mission. Macri is an old friend of Trump, so lying comes natural.
Arctic melting forms new island near Novaya Zemlya. No name for island as yet.
Super-colony of Adelie penguins discovered living peacefully on Danger Islands. Until humans found them.
Don't even think about immigrating to Tristan da Cunha. Limited resources make for limited population.

The Final Fron
Ceres may have underground brine or water. Ceres could be a habitable dwarf planet.
Visionary scientist Stephen Hawking dead at 76. Hawking had a dire warning about Trump.
Hubble observes galaxy merger. Merger of Arp 256 still in early stages.

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