United States                            Kushners pushed out tenants. Raised rents by $500 a month for rent-stabilized apartments. "Kushner" will, like quisling for traitor, will forever be linked to "shyster."                                         
George H W Bush's doctor shot while cycling to work. Murder of Dr. Mark Hausknecht resembles a professional assassination.
Trump's Secret Service agent dies in Scotland wile protecting John Bolton. Nole Remagen was 42. What did he see?
Global fascist power grab for local self-government. Fascists despise regional and municipal government.
Canada Harper taking advantage of ties to Trump to establish his own grifting business. Trump and Harper represent shysterism at its worst.
Assembly of First Nations, the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, and the Metis National Council nix meeting with premiers. Tribal nations not afforded constitutionally-ensured rights.
Latin America & Caribbean Using the new CIA tactic of "lawfare," Brazil's courts undermine democracy. Imprisonment of Lula is a stark example.
Former FARC guerrillas take seats in Colombian Congress. Two ex-FARC members did not take seats. One is jailed facing US ludicrous "drug" charges and the other is in hiding, fearing for his safety. Some "peace" deal.
Evo Morales says Trump is enemy of humanity and the planet. Comments made in Cuba.
Haiti PM resigns after fuel price increase riots. Cabinet members also leave.
AMLO slashes his presidemtial salary. Cabinet salaries to also be limited.

Alex Salmond regrets former friendship with Trump. Trump grifted Scotland like he does everyone he encounters.
Trump criticizes "aggressive" Montenegro, a NATO member. Last year, he shoved aside Montenegro's PM. Trump hates Montenegro because "negro" is in its name. It's what any KKK supporter would do.

Middle East & Central Asia
Abu Dhabi establishing geospatial intelligence center. Will rely on artificial intelligence.
Israel targeting Turkish presence in Jerusalem. Israel moves against Turkish funding for Jerusalem Muslims.
New Israeli law proclaims that only Jews have a right to a nation-state. More fallout from Jared Kushner's Mideast "peace plan."
Assad forces push out rebels from Golan frontier. Al-Quneitra province falls to government.
 South Asia & Indian Ocean Nepal launches "rhino diplomacy" with China.
Pair of endangered one-horned rhinos gifted to China.
Ahmadis not permitted to vote in Pakistani election. Muslim sect treated as non-Muslim by government.
Antiquities being plundered from Nepal, Mustang, and across Himalayas. Check the Israelis' baggage when they leave.

East Asia
Huawei denies industrial espionage charges. Jesse Hong claims he was fired for refusing to steal trade secrets from rivals.
Melaka institutes term limit for chief minister. Two termlimit to be enacted.
Africa Egypt to sell citizenship. $391,000 is the going rate. Get ready for more Israeli lebensraum.
Xi Jingping visiting South Africa, Rwanda, Mauritius, and Senegal. US interest in continent ebbs.
eSwatini is in name only. Swaziland still the widely-used name in the country.

New Caledonia's Labour Party calls independence referendum an "electoral farce." Like many elections, this one wis being rigged on behalf of wealthy FRench transplants.
Chinese tourist sanctions on Palau aimed at pressuring country to drop relations with Taiwan. Palau Pacific Airways suspends operations due to drop in Chinese passengers.
Polar region & remote islands Falkland Islands flag raised in Ceres on Argentine independence day. Town leaders apologize.
China pushes into Arctic. Siberia is top priority.

Final Frontier
Ghost particle found in Antarctica. Neutrino from distant galaxy surprises scientists.

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