United States                            Trump's jaded views of World Wars I and II. Fails to pay respects to America's KIAs by the Kaiser's troops and believes Nazis are "fine people."
Alex Jones and his trafficking in baloney. It built him up, but may take him down.
Trump's name removed from Trump Place in NYC. Trump is becoming as popular a brand name as "Hitler."
Trump Organization sues estate of Trump Tower condo owner for $90,000. Todd Brasner died in fire in Trump's fire trap of a building.
Hitler's great nephew in New York doesn't like Trump because he's a liar. When a Hitler hates you Trump, everyone does.
Hit south Florida with Logan Act violations, not John Kerry. Rubio runs a separate foreign policy out of Miami-Dade.
Rising sea levels to claim Philadelphia, Logan, and La Guardia airports. Airports are doomed say scientists.
Did an X-Files incident occur at the National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, NM? If it's aliens, please re-claim your escaped orange genetic mutant that now occupies the White House.
Insanity of world leaders. More common than thought.
Marco Rubio and Alex Jones almost come to blows. Two sissy boys engage in a cat fight outside of Senate office. 
Trump's treaty trashing. A shameful legacy.
Investments in international borders leave no room for peace. War is good business for peacekeepers.
Monroe Township school board candidate withdraws from race. His Facebook postings suggested it was “time to start firing bullets into these fucking monkeys," a reference to African-Americans. Thanks, Trump, for empowering these racist bastards.                                      
Pro-Trump GOP candidate for Congress believes she was abducted by aliens. Bettina Rodriguez-Aguilera communicates telepathically with teings, who look like the concrete Christ in Brazil. They have really good drugs in Miami.
Canada Canadian police want to share more data with US police. Canadian federal privacy commissioner has doubts.
Quebec elects right-wing Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) government. Francois Legault is new premier.
Ontario's Ford ignores Canadian Constitution. Ford attacks judges. Trump has a political doppelganger in Canada.
Trump threatens to cause "ruination" of Canada. And we're not to liken Trump to Hitler? Bollocks!
Radio-Canada attempts to copyright common French phrase in complaint to the Parti Québécois. "À la semaine prochaine" (see you next week) is not the property of a government broadcaster.
The long-forgotten Republic of Indian Stream. Could they opt for Canada in a revived independence push?
Conservative Party splits into two rival factions. Maxime Bernier to form rival party.
Latin America & Caribbean Vieques still without power after Maria. Island has received a scant $260,000 from FEMA.
Bolton's Latin American "troika." More war-mongering nonsense from a neocon pervert.
Neo-Nazi Bolsonaro vows to move Brazilian embassy to Jerusalem. Nothing says Nazi more than Netanyahu, coddler of fascists.
Trump threatens military action against Mexico. Also attacks Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.
Maduro says Trump has ordered Colombia to kill him. Charge follows August 2018 attempted assassination.
Brazilian left unites to defeat neo-Nazi Bolsonaro in second round presidential election. Bolsonaro is an admirer of Adolf Hitler and Brazilian junta of the 1960s and 70s.
DEA office in Colombia leaked to narco lords and dealt with prostitutes. Just another day in the Trump administration.
Trump says no to Puerto Rico statehood. Blow to commonwealth's Republican governor.
Guyana supporting China's Belt and Road Initiative. Guyana joined program in July 2018.
Trump White House reviewing ties with El Salvador over that nation's recognition of China. Is this 1971?
Rubio pushing for U.S.-backed coup in Venezuela. Why doesn't Rubio man-up and be the first armed invader on shore?
Trump regime discussed coup plans with rebel Venezuelan military officers. Shades of Pinochet.
U.S.-Central American security conference cancelled over worsening Trump regime's ties with El Salvador and Guatemala. For Latin America, Trump is a clear and present danger.
Trump regime recalls U.S. ambassadors to El Salvador, Dominican Republic, and Panama over their establishment of relations with China. The "Formosa Lobby" has risen from the grave in Washington.
Paraguay orders Jerusalem embassy moved back to Tel Aviv. This sets an embarassing precedent for Netanyahu and serves as an example of what a post-Trump president should do without hesitation.
Argentines protest planned US military bases in Neuquen, Misiones, and Tierra del Fuego. Protesters include Mapuche natives.
Israeli-owned yacht found with 243 kg of cocaine in Colombia. As usual, Israeli owner of yacht concocts tall tale for Colombian authorities.
CELAC summit warns of 76 US bases in Latin America. Summit leaders say US is using judicial coups and sanctions to enforce the Monroe Doctrine.
Imprisoned Lula's poll numbers increase. Brazil's junta intent on keeping former president from running again.
U.S. frets over Chinese military base in El Salvador. Another excuse to attempt an overthrow of a democratically-elected government in Latin America?
El Salvador recognizes Beijing. Breaks ties with Taiwan.
Brazilian presidential election a "farce" without Lula. International human rights officials condemn continued imprisonment of candidate.
Europe Europe under US pressure to adopt sanctions on Iran. US aggressively lobbying Europe on 65th anniversary of US overthrow of Iran's democratically-elected Prime Minister, Mohamed Mossadeq.
Bannon's "Nazi International" to hold January 2019 Summit in Brussels. Le Pen, Salvini sign up.
CSU allies of Merkel suffer huge loss in Bavaria. Greens come in second.
Francophonie Summit being held in Yerevan. Canada pulls support for its former Governor General as Secretary General of Francophonie organization.
Italy 5 Star Movement rejects alliance with far-right in European Parliament. Roberto Fico says no to "Natons and Freedom" group.
Two Israelis killed when gas canisters blew up in their apartment in Chisinau. Hapless dolts or clumsy bomb makers?
German Jews form far-right AfD group called "Jews in the AfD." It's back to the future for the Nazi-Zionist alliance of old.
Sub-Carpathia threatens secession from Ukraine. UKrainian foreign minister sounds alarm.
Zinke threatens Russia with naval blockade. Russia counters with declaration of war threat.
Turnout dismal in Macedonia name change referendum. Deal on North Macedonia name with Greece in limbo.
Diplomats expose Israeli lobbying group's tactics. NGO Monitor is a right-wing Israeli pressure group.
Swedish PM Lofven loses no-confidence vote. Rightists expected to form next government.
Trump cancels visit to Ireland. U.S.-Irish relations in toilet.
Catalonia's yellow ribbon revolution. Soros can't be blamed for this particular color revolt.
Serbian and Kosovar leaders discuss border changes. EU opposed to redrawn borders.
Spain to relocate Franco's remains. And, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

Middle East & Central Asia
Shots fired at US embassy in Ankara. US-Turkish relations reach new low.
Israel expands control over West Bank. Military administration beefed up.
Former French ambassador to Georgia becomes President of Georgia. Salome Zurabishvili is pro-NATO.
Khashoggi butchered in pre-prepared room in Saydi consulate-general. Gruesome ordeal took 15 minutes.
Member of Khashoggi hit team dies in suspicious auto accident in Riyadh. 1 down, 14 to go.
U.S. downgrades diplomatic mission to Palestinians. US Consulate General in Jerusalem closing with responsibilities taken over by US embassy in Jerusalem. U.S. effectively severs all relations with Palestine.
Israeli and Saudi armed forces chiefs meet in Washington. Another public display of the close non-diplomatic relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia.
Trump says "rogue killers" may have murdered Khashoggi. Yes, they were working with the "real killers" of Nicole Brown Simpson.
Saudis call reports of Khashoggi's murder "fake news." Now, where did they get that idea from?
Trump abrogates 1955 Treaty of Amity with Iran. Bolton itches for war.
Iranian FM says foreign terrorist sponsors behind Ahvaz attack. Fingers pointed at U.S. regional allies.
Abkhazian President Raul Khajimba thanks Assad for Syrian recognition of its independence. Syria also recognized South Ossetia as independent.
Sin cities on the Gulf. UAE is massage parlor central.
Mossad "makeover" sees increased use of assassinations. Director Yossi Cohen is close friend of Netanyahu and his wife.
France calls on Israel to release French citizen from detention. Salah Hamouri has been detained without charges for a year. Middle East's "only democracy?" Hogwash.
South Asia & Indian Ocean Paradise Lost: America's shameful displacement of the Chagos islanders for a nuclear weapons base. The story of the people of Diego Garcia.
Sri Lanka has rival prime ministers amid a political crisis. President sacks PM without justification.
Japan secures naval bases in India's Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Japanese base rights also extended to mainland Indian ports.
Andaman and Nicobar islands
Maldives opposition leader Ibrahim Mohamed Solih wins surprise election. Vows to review Chinese links.
China's Maldives foray. India concerned about Chinese moves into the Indian Ocean.
Trump regime threatens sanctions against top Maldivian officials. They would joina long list of brown and black politicians from all over the world subjected to US visa bans.
Kerala floods boost talks of secession from the north. "Madrasis'" plight ignored by northerners.
Pakistani PM Imran Khan adopts personal austerity. Luxurious lifestyle of PM's scrapped.
East Asia Duterte's failing health fuels resignation rumors. Autocratic president's ailments include Buerger’s disease.
Pompeo opposes peace between North and South Korea. Move to demilitarize cease-fire line opposed by U.S.
Malaysian Constitution to be amended to restore Sarawak and Sabah to equal partners with peninsular Malaya in federation. Both states were downgraded in 1976.
Meng Hongwei, President of INTERPOL, missing in China. Reports that he was arrested for questioning as part of a leadership split.
Presidents of Paraguay and Marshall Islands champion Taiwan UN membership. Call comes as Taiwan loses UN allies.
Hardline Vietnamese President dead. Tran Dai Quang died after a "serious illness."
Trump wanted China to assassinate Kim Jong Un. Trump's plan woujld have had China replace Kim with a North Korean general.
Philippines to extradite Israeli-American murder suspect to Taiwan. Oren Shlomo Mayer violated the first rule of the Mossad: "don't get caught."
Trump administration delaying visa for North Korea's new UN ambassador. Act constitutes a violation of the U.S.-U.N. Treaty.
Two US citizens jailed in Vietnam for continuing to fight Vietnam War. The pair are officials of the Provisional National Government of Vietnam (PNGV), a US-based government-in-exile.
Australian film-director James Ricketson on trial for espionage in Cambodia. Ricketson arrested in June 2017.
Africa Anti-regime protests continue in Kampala. Unrest sweeps capital after opposition MPs were arrested and tortured.
Ethiopia signs peace treay with Ogaden rebels. Ogaden National Liberation Front shifts from banned terrorist group to legal organization.
Israel caught supporting Biafran independence. Igbo secessionist leader found living in Israel.
U.S. visa bans, asset freezes continue against Zimbabwe President Emmerson Manangagwa, ZANU-PF ruling party officials, and top military officers. To Trump, they're all "shitholes."
Chad deploys troops to Libyan border. Chadian rebel incursions into Chad reported.
Somalia hires Sonoran Policy Group to lobby Trump administration for lifting travel ban. GOP-linked lobbyists are turning a profit in deals with foreign countries that amass cash in return for White House access.
Polar region & remote islands Falkland Islands flag raised in Ceres on Argentine independence day. Town leaders apologize.
Argentina threatens move on Falklands after Brexit. Argentines count on support from EU.
St. Pierre and Miquelon strive to keep maritime traditions alive. Fishing decline has crippled local economy.
Faroes seeks to join IOC. Wants to participate as a separate team in the Olympics.
South Pacific/Oceania Samoa using cybercrime law to stifle online dissent. Anti-government bloggers are targets of government.
Hawai'ianized New Caledonia rejects independence. Referendum's no voters represent French colonialist class.
New Caledonia referendum rejects independence. 57 percent, mainly white Europeans, vote no.
Maohi leader supports Kanak independence move. Sees future partnership between Kanaky and Maohi Nui, free of France.
Ngāti Manu sub-tribe talks secession from New Zealand. Could this Bay of Islands sub-tribe become independent?
Australia to expand Lombrum Naval Baseon Manus Island, PNG. Move seen as countering China.
President of New Caledonia Congress removes Kanak independence flag. Move comes just prior to independence referendum.
Abbott remains opposed to republic. Former PM Keating wants referendum on republic.
Tiny Palau confronts China. Chinese tourism was a mixed blessing for the small state.
Alt-right leader brings his hate message to Australia. The international franchising of xenophobia: who's paying for it?
China declares Palau banned for Chinese visitors. Tourism suffers.

Final Frontier
Traces of other universes found in "ghost" black holes. Ours is not the only universe.
Scientists want to use lasers to attract aliens to Earth. Then, Trump will send them to border detention camps.
Gigantic structure found from early universe. Supercluster is called Hyperion.
First exo-moon discovered. Orbits gas giant Kepler 1625b.
Jupiter's Red Spot may be a massive reservoir of water. Drink up, pilgrims!
KELT 9B has a sky made of iron. Titanium also in sky.

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