United States
Trump prefers immigration "anchor babies" when they are Russian Jews whose parents buy his condos in Miami. He doesn't want Roman Catholic Hispanics because Kushner and Greenblatt tells him they're unclean goyim and they don't invest in Trump/Kushner real estate.
Formerly Top Secret CSIS paper warns of the rise of cryptocurrencies and job-eliminating technologies. Meanwhile, Donald Trump can't figure out how to use anything but Twitter.

Latin America
Trump Panama condo owners bote to boot Trump Organization out of Panama. Trump name brand replaced by members of the former Trump Ocean Club Panama Owners Association.
Honduran police tear gas former president Zelaya. Nasralla, who won the presidential election before the CIA reversed it, calls for general strike.

Cuba condemns Trump's "shithole" remarks on Haiti, El Salvador, and African states. Calls Trump's comments "racist, denigrating and gross."

Top Kosovo Serb politician assassinated. Oliver Ivanovic's death sparks Serb walkout from Brussels talks. Hashim Thaci's thugs better have an alibi.
Secession demands grow as U.S. global influence recedes. From Catalonia to Srpska Republic, a "springtime of nations" begins to bloom.
Norwegian government adds centrst Liberals to coalition. Government still has no majority.

Middle East
Trump offers Palestinians Abu Dis as capital of Palestinian state. Abu Dis is not Jerusalem. This represents more apartheid concocted by Trump's Jewish White House cabal and Netanyahu.
Mahmoud Abbas says Trump should be ashamed of himself for claiming Palestinians rejected peace agreement. Trump echoes the Zionist claptrap of Jared Kushner, David Friedman, Jason Greenblatt, and Stephen Miller, the closest people alive today who are absolutely Jewish Nazis. Hitler had his and so does Trump.

South Asia
Mossad and RAW cooperate against Pakistan. Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval is pro-Israeli.
Taliban faction meets Afghan government representatives in Istanbul. Hekmatyar faction involved in talks.

East and Southeast Asia
Japan's NHK issues false North Korean missile launch alert. As Ian Fleming wrote, "Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.”
Malaysian and Singaporean PMs hold retreat in Singapore. Signing agreement for the Johor Baru-Singapore Rapid Transit System (RTS) Link.

South Africa protests to U.S. embassy over Trump's "shithole" remarks. South Africa calls remarks "crude and offensive."

Electoral rolls expanded for New Caledonia to include more native-born Kanaks. Independence referendum set for this year,

Polar Regions
Denmark and Greenland sign agreement to clean up U.S. military waste. Greenland took Denmark to the UN over American garbage and toxic materials left on island.

The Final Fron
Polar ice reserves on moon? Lava tubes provide clues.

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