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Anthony Weiner pleading guilty to federal charge of transferring obscene material to a minor. "Carlos Danger" surrenders to FBI in New York.
Erdogan's guards beat up protesters in Washington. They're just giving lessons to Trump's security guards.
Trump attorney Michael Cohen tweets photo of his college-age daughter in lingerie. There's something very sick about the Trump crowd.
U.S. Judge Avern Cohn reluctant to send Jewish camp counselor to prison for producing child porn. Perhaps Cohn should haver recused himself, since he is past president of the Jewish Welfare Federation of Metropolitan Detroit and an active member of the American Jewish Committee.
NSA and access to voting systems. NSA director tries to grab up a larger empire.

Trump claims to have invented the phrase "priming the pump." Trump also invented the phrase, "Step right up folks and see the three-headed bearded lady."
Reporter arrested for questioning HHS Secretary Price in West Virginia. Welcome to fascist Amerika.
Comey's quixotic quest to tie Russia to every anti-globalist politician and election result. Comey is a tool of the military-intelligence complex.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre civil suit against Jeffrey Epstein is another road that leads to Trump's sexual assault against underage girls. Case being heard in New York by US Judge Robert Sweet.
Jared Kushner has close ties to George Soros. Of course, Soros has bankrolled everyone from George W. Bush and Tony Blair to Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama.
FLOTUS Twitter "likes" a tweet about how much she hates her husband. Tweet quickly removed.
Commerce Secretary says US missile attack on Syria was "after-dinner entertainment" at Mar-a-Lago. Just like hanging Indians was entertainment for Trump's pal Andy Jackson.
Ros-Lehtinen retiring from the House. Good, and the gusano whore can take her 1960's Cuba policy with her.
Trump on the attack against President Carter. Trump doesn't want Carter engaging with North Korea tavoid war. Trump pressures Macri to rescind San Martin Award to Carter. Trump is a stupid, vicious, ignorant asshole.

Trump on the attack against President Carter. Trump doesn't want Carter engaging with North Korea tavoid war. Trump pressures Macri to rescind San Marin Award to Carter. Trump is a stupid, vicious, ignorant asshole.
Senate confirms Trump's Labor secretary nominee Alex Acosta. Acosta was the guy who signed off on the sweetheart federal non-prosecution agreement with Trump's fellow child sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein.
Feds raid offices of televangelist Benny Hinn. Trump figures there's room for only one huckster in the U.S. Watch out Pat Robertson, you may be next.
California's semi-secession. State resists Trump policies across the board.
Alaska, where Blockbuster Video still thrives. Going back in time . . . by visiting Alaska.
Blagojevich loses appeal on his long prison sentence. A political imprisonment, just like that of Siegelman.
Secret Service grabs northern part of the White House Ellipse as part of a new security zone. Führer Trump needs more protection.
Trump contemplates the unthinkable: nuclear warfare. Nuclear warfare talk becomes the norm among Trumpers.
Jared Kushner: Suspected gangster in charge of White House policy. Kushner's many ties to criminal operations spelled out.
White House denies Trump demanded a ride in Queen Elizabeth's royal carriage. He wants to ride in something? How about this?:Image result for manure wagon
Trump administration is a giant conflict-of-interests. Trumpism=Cronyism.

Anti-Defamation League of Blah Blah warns that criticism of Jared Kushner is anti-Semitic. For these pathetic and annoying jackasses, eating a ham sandwich in public is "anti-Semitic."
Donald Trump, Jr. mulls New York gubernatorial run. This dirt bag couldn't run for dog catcher and win.
Jared Kushner hires horror film publicist to run PR for his new White House office. Josh Raffel's credits include "The Purge: Election Year," a movie about wanton street murder being legal in Washington, DC one day out of the year. Lets us all know how sick these Trump bastards are.

Trump's environmental policies will put his Mar-a-Lago resort under water in short time. Brilliant businessman? Not!
America's fake news and fake TV expert plague. MS-NBC, CNN, Fox among the worst examples.
AP reporter takes on Washington Post for pushing a fake news story about Secretary of State. Making no eye contact with Tillerson is Post fake news.
Tennessee wants to name God as source of liberty. Which God? There are hundreds and hundreds of them.
Brexit movers now push for a California split into two states. The curse of what the CIA did to Yugoslavia comes back to haunt the U.S.
FIVE EYES allies do spy on each other. It's a work-around deal to handle pesky privacy laws.
Minnesotans seek to scrap "ugly" flag. We vote for the Nordic cross design that reflects the Scandinavian roots of the state.
The rupturing of diplomatic relations a warning sign of looming war. From Saudi Arabia and Iran to the U.S. and Philippines, a dark pall has set over the world of diplomacy.
U.S.-Israeli teen arrested in Israel for making most bomb threats against Jewish centers in U.S., Australia, and New Zealand. Looks like Trump was right, after all, about Jews doing this sort of thing to themselves. Schenectady man arrested for spray painting swastikas on his home and reporting it as a hate crime. Bad Jews. Watcha gon, Watcha gonna do, When they come for you?
Ivanka Trump's West Wing job is a national security nightmare. DOJ has given Trump a nepotism free pass. Meanwhile, son-in-law Kushner's family to build NYC phallic symbol tower.
The newest neocon hero: Ben Sasse. He wants a military confrontation with Russia but, like most neocons, never spent a day of his life in the military.
Former Alexandria, VA deputy police chief detained by CPB at JFK airport
. Hassan Aden is a U.S. citizen, the son of an Italian mother and Somali father. Good, let's see how he likes it. This guy was in charge of Alexandria PD when WMR editor was falsely arrested while reporting on the Allen Stanford case.
Three Democratic Senators want investigation of Trump aide's ties to Nazi organization. Sebastian Gorka has links to World War II Hungarian Nazi group.

John and Mrs. Lindsey McCain call for more U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Why not just two U.S. troops? Time to suit up Johnny Wet Start and Mrs. South Carolina.
Secret Service latop containing Trump Tower blueprints and evacuation plans stolen. Agent assignment lapel pins also stolen.
Trump Oklahoma campaign official and Donald Trump, Jr. pal, Sen. Ralph Shortey, arrested in Oklahoma motel room with underage boy. Funny how certain "alt-right" websites are ignoring this story. They must support pederasty and pedophilia.
A new geopolitical term: IPI -- International Political Insanity. Crazy political leaders threaten World War III.
Trumphumpers protest fictional Resistance Radio, a promotion for "The Man in the High Castle" dramatization series on Amazon Prime. Trumphumpers likely relate to John Smith, the New York Obergruppenfuhrer who works for Adolf Hitler. You can always tell a "rightard," but you can't tell him much.
For years, Bannon had no fixed address. That is enough to deny him a security clearance. Why did this homeless-looking guy push his way on to the National Security Council? He's not a Russian spy but he is an implant of the Fourth Reich.

Flynn represented Turkish businessman close to Erdogan while seeking to have Trump deport Fethulleh Gulen. Flynn never registered as a foreign agent while lobbying from inside the White House for a foreign power. Trump's ethical issues are not with Russia as much as Turkey and the UK.
Forget the "T" word -- treason -- against Trump. Treason only applies during a declared state of war, according to the U.S. Constitution. Too bad some Harvard Law professors don't understand the law!
Fake news from the left: Khizr Khan's statement that his foreign travel privileges were under review by U.S. government is bogus. Fake news from every angle these days.
Australia Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) director Nick Warner gets the Trump Treatment at LAX. Diplomatic passports mean nothing anymore. Warner gets the same treatment dished out to former Norwegian PM Kjell Magne Bondevik.
Scientology set to control all of downtown Clearwater. This is a good reason to yank the tax exempt status of religious groups. That exemption fosters con artists large and small.
West Palm Beach's top-end businesses going broke from Trump's frequent stays at Mar-A-Lago club. Road closures and security take their toll on local businesses.
Tillerson MIA? State Department staffers wonder what has happened to their boss.
A new global construct and realignment. Trump Doctrine ushers in new strategic relationships from Riyadh to Jakarta.

Welcome to Trumpistan: Nigerian software engineer given a programming test at JFK by CBP morons. Those agents would struggle to read "Dick and Jane." Afghan-Canadian doctor asked who his "tribal chief" was. CPB agents will likely soon ask the same question of Native Americans. Argentine who owns art gallery in NYC and is a legal resident denied entry into the U.S. All the Trump humpers who railed about such actions during Bush 43, now warmly embrace CPB and TSA under Trump. Rightards!
"America First" is a Trump slogan meaning unilateral American aggression. The slogan does not mean U.S. isolationism, as it has in the past.
Naval officer William Liebenow, who helped rescue John F. Kennedy in World War II, dies at 97. Imagine helping to save JFK's life and then see him assassinated in 1963.

Trump now wants to roll back the American Revolution. Plans are afoot to make the United States of America an associate member of the British Commonwealth. Trump should be called "Benedict Donald Trump."

Pentagon orders acronym of Islamic State changed from ISIL to ISIS. "ISIL" sounded too much like "Israel" for the White House Zio-Nazis.

Welcome to Trumpistan: Muhammad Ali, Jr., that is the son of the boxing great for all the Big Mac-laden immigration and customs officials who don't know him, detained at Fort Lauderdale airport for hours. Ali, Jr. was born in Philly. And in another outrage: 70-year old Australian children's book author Mem Fox detained for two hours at LAX. This comes after former Norwegian prime minister Kjell Magne Bondevik received similar treatment at Dulles. This crap is killing the U.S. tourism industry and that means American jobs. Mr. Trump, let's put this to you in words you can understand: "Fuck you, you fucking fuck!"

Pence tweets message of support for Israel showing the flag of Nicaragua instead of Israel. Which proves that America has two complete dullards as number 1 and 2.

Jersey shore pizzeria chain owner sentenced to federal prison for income tax evasion. This is the real Pizzagate, backed up by what are known as "facts."

The three Trump administrations. The executive branch now resembles a game of three-card monte.

Alan Colmes dies at 66. WMR editor appeared on Alan's Fox News show "Hannity & Colmes" and on his radio program. An all-around nice guy and a gentleman. RIP, Alan. And unlike what that fat and unfunny Al Franken did to Colmes in his lousy book, this reference to Alan Colmes is in a large type font.

Chicago ABC-7 suspends sportscaster Mark Giangreco for an anti-Trump tweet. And the transformation of America into a personality cult fascist state continues.

Leader of the "Fellowship," aka "The Family," Doug Coe dead at 88. And with him goes decades of secret control by a dangerous cult of politicians around the world.

ICE agents removed a brain tumor patient from a Texas hospital and bound her hands and ankles. There are many Trump humpers who support such brutality.

Pizza shop Peepergate in Pennsylvania. Ladies room "peeping Tom" caught at Luigi's. And the perp never worked for the Clinton campaign, but soon, some crazed Trump humpers will claim that he did.

British scientist convicted for taking hidden videos of women renters at his California home. Why does Trump permit British perverts to have work visas in the United States?

CPAC disinvites Steve Bannon replacement at Breitbart, Milo Yiannopoulos, after video surfaces of him praising pedophilia. As WMR contended from the beginning, "Pizzagate" was a diversion from GOP pedophilia networks that include Bannon, Trump, and the "Hastert and Sandusky wing" of the Republican Party. Milo also voiced his pedophile interests on the Joe Rogan radio show. Now, who recently appeared on that same program?

Russian ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin dies suddenly. Is this what the future of the CIA under Pompeo holds? A return to heart attack guns.
Nazi Baltimore before World War II. Then the Nazis landed in Arlington, VA. Now, they're in Alexandria, VA.
Trump White House ties to neo-Nazis evokes a shameful past in DC area. Richard Spencer and his "Steve Miller Band."
Trump erratic behavior puts world leaders in quandary. Trump changes his mind so often, his word can't be trusted.
Flynn resigns as National Security Adviser. David Petraeus under consideration as replacement.
Jeffrey Sandusky, son of Jerry Sandusky, arrested for child sex abuse. Just another day in Pennsylvania.
From New World Order to Hazy Global Disorder. The Chaos Politics of Donald Trump.
Trump threatens Nordstrom's after he makes threats against Iran, France, Australia, China, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and federal judges. Nordstrom's stock value skyrockets as a result. Mango Mussolini is such an idiot.
Remember the Brandon Massacre. Man yells "Allahu Akbar" in Brandon, Florida Home Depot. Perpetrator is a non-Muslim meth head who lives with his mother. But we must never forget those who never lost their lives on Aisle 14.
Spicer wants America to remember the Islamist terror massacre of Atlanta. Eric Rudolph, the 1996 Olympics bomber, was an anti-abortion Christian fundie terrorist and that was the last major terrorist attack in Atlanta. But, hey, "alternate facts."
Trump regrets hiring Spicer as press secretary. Saturday Night Live spoof of Spicer rattled Trump, irritated Bannon.
War hawks in Trump White House threaten war with Iran. Flynn falsely accused Iran of attacking a Saudi warship.
Trump's alt-right movement joins Soros in Russia-bashing. Trump's cadres suggest Putin is behind U.S. protests.

Iran-contra felon Elliott Abrams is Trump's choice as Deputy Secretary of State. Why not? The White House has turned into Rikers Island South.
Congress must curb Trump's killing off of environmental regulations. The planet cannot wait for Trump to leave office.
Gov. Rick Scott (R-Medicaid Fraud) threatens Florida ports that do business with Cuba. Trump's evil apprentice is costing Florida jobs.
Trump, who ran to defend Main Steet from Wall Street, kills Wall Street regulatory fiduciary rule that protects retirement accounts. Retirees of Florida and Arizona, you've been conned by Mango Mussolini.
Trump threatens to cancel UC Berkeley's federal funding after appearance by Breitbart editor canceled. Trump comes to the defense of editor who describes himself as a "dangerous faggot." Wow, a dangerous fascist comes to the aid of a dangerous faggot. Good morning America!
Trump visit to Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee canceled due to protests. Harley canceled the event.
Monday night massacre. Trump fires acting Attorney General Sally Yates for rejecting visa ban. Sixth federal judge nixes Trump power grab on entrance to the US.
Soros on the ropes. Global hedge fund troublemaker finds many doors now closed.
Five federal judges stay Trump's border ban on entrants from seven countries. Trump claims he will ignore the orders, setting the stage for a constitutional crisis.
Trump eliminates the Chairman of the JCS  and Director of National Intelligence from permanent membership on the National Security Council. But Trump adds Breitbart fascist fatso Steve Bannon as a permanent member. There is something very, very wrong in this country.
  • Three federal judges "trump" Trump on visa/green card holder entry ban. Certain websites call this a partisan Democrat attack on Trump by judiciary. That is an "alternative fact." Judge Donnelly (NY) appointed by Obama. Judge Brinkema (VA) by Clinton, Judge Zilly (WA) by Reagan. If you can't get your basic facts straight, you have no damned business in journalism or in the White House.
  • George H W Bush in hospital. The howls he hears are from the saliva-dripping Kerberos, the hound of Hades, anxiously awaiting his arrival.
Saskatchewan government computers hit by malware attack. Personal information protected, government claims.Voters in Nova Scotia ignoring election campaign. Apathy likely to favor incumbent Liberals.
BC Greens hold balance of power trump card with Liberals a minority party. Greens negotiating with Liberals and NDP.
British Columbia could see its first minority government since 1953. Greens could hold political cards in May 9 election.
Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan exaggerates his role in 2006 Afghan offensive. Maybe he can get a job as an NBC anchor.
Trump trade war with Canada expands from dairy to lumber. Another wall in the making?
Trudeau and Italian PM unite against Trump protectionism. Justin Trudeau and
Paolo Gentiloni are globalist birds of a feather.
Trump declares war on Canadian dairy industry. Trump declines to give details on his opposition to Canadian dairy policies.
On the environment, there's no difference between Trudeau and Trump. Just call the Canadian PM, Justin Trumpdeau.
Neocon Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland applies sanctions on 27 Syrian government officials. Freeland is an agent-of-influence for Kiev regime.

Trudeau's vacation on Aga Khan's private Bahamian isle, Bell Island, cost taxpayers $133,000. Justin is trying to keep up with Trump over at Mar-a-Lago.
Trudeau reneges on Canadian disabled veterans pensions. Typical privileged kid from a political family: serving in the military was beneath Justin's dignity. He should get along well with the Trump kids.
Cell phone interception systems being used to target Canadian MPs. Forget the Russians and Chinese, the "Stingrays" fall within the electronic footprints of the U.S. and Canadian embassies in Ottawa.
Canada is no immigration panacea. Laws as tough as those in the U.S.
Nova Scotia town upset over rewriting of Canadian history. There's a lot of that going around lately. Canada to legalize marijuana by Jul. 1, 2018. The Great Green North.Canada pledges cyber-warriors for Latvia. But what will they do?
Canadian Tories purge 1,351 fake members from membership rolls. The Tories have been receiving training from their GOP pals in the U.S.
Canadian volunteer church group denied entry to the United States because they were believed to "steal jobs." Why does a guy like Trump hate Christians so much? Trump worships a different kind of cross: Nazi Swastika
Girl Guides of Canada cancel all trips to U.S. It's just too dangerous for Canadian girls to be subjected to the whims of drooling U.S. border guards and customs officers who want to emulate their commander-in-chief.
Escaping northward from America: a hazardous journey that often leads to death. Ivory Coast refugee recounts the ice cold trek.
Canadian senator charged with sexual affair with underage teen girl. Senators demand Don Meredith resign.

Families who aided Snowden's escape in Hong Kong want asylum in Canada. Who is threatening them? Speak up Fat Boy Pompeo.
"Stateless" American refugee escapes to Canada to avoid being deported to Lebanon. Refugee lived in U.S. for 39 years.
Canadian citizen of Indian descent refused entry to U.S. at Vermont border. Canadian was going to Vermont spa.
Canada extends military mission in Ukraine. The power of Canada's Ukrainian lobby in action.
Trudeau cabinet dealing with refugee crisis from the U.S. But many have U.S. visas issued in Saudi Arabia, a warning flag.

Secret recordings reveal bribes to the president -- of Brazil. Looks like Trump will have the presidential company of Michel Temer in impeachment.
Bolivia signs military agreement with Belarus. Bolivia looks to buy Belarusian military hardware.
Guyana upset at U.S. for listing it as a major money laundering state. Trump doesn't like cash-intensive economies. You hear that you dumb, stupid pro-Trump libertarians?
Chile's Bachelet attends One Belt One Road (OBOR) Summit in China. Argentina's Macri also in attendance.
U.S. troops in military exercise with Peru, Brazil, and Colombia in tri-border region of the three nations. Trump: just another annoying gringo for Latin America. Trump's point man on Venezuela: Peru's global banker and Zionist President Kuczynski. White House eyes sanctions on Venezuela.
Amazon Gamela tribe attacked by Brazilian right-wing landowners. Tribal people shot and mutilated.
Morales confident that World Court will restore Bolivia's sea access. Loss of Pacific territory was act of aggression by Chile in 1879.
Uruguayan ex-President Mujica criticizes his former foreign minister Almagro for destabilization of Venezuela. Almagro, Sec. Gen. of OAS, working with Venezuela's Zionist opposition leader Capriles.
Paraguay lawmakers reject another presidential term for CIA-installed stooge Cartes. Current term limit stays put.

General strike shuts down Brazil. Protesters demand ouster of CIA-installed Temer regime.
Trump and Macri meet in Washington. Two crooked real estate moguls have dodgy joint ventures.
Vatican declassifying documents on Uruguay dictatorship. Vatican was a partner in Operation Condor assassination alliance.
In Washington, Dilma Rousseff warns of a "Brazilian Trump." Sao Paulo mayor João Doria fits that description.

Guatemalan and U.S. forces in joint exercise. Billed as a "humanitarian" exercise.
CIA puppet Temer admits impeachment of Rousseff was based solely on revenge. WMR called this a plot while the corporate media was hammering Rousseff for unfounded charges of corruption.
One dead, one injured as car sprayed with bullets in Nevis. Assailant(s) remain unknown and at large.
Trump irritates Colombian government over his meeting with anti-peace deal former presidents Uribe and Pastrana. Trump only knows how to fuck things up.
US Court rules that Antigua & Barbuda not liable in Stanford International Bank lawsuits. Just another indication that Stanford bank was another CIA money laundering operation like BCCI and Nugan Hand.

Mass protests over price increases sweep into Suriname. The protests have jumped the border from French Guiana.
Colombian human rights abuser general was assigned to Colombian embassy in Washington. He must be getting along well with the Trump administration.
Macri to meet Trump at the White House. Fascist birds flock together.
OAS seeks to turn Haiti into a federal republic with decentralized states. Much easier for the banks to maintain as a neo-colony.
Home of former Curacao prime minister raided. Gerrit Schotte irritated the Dutch by calling for Curacao's independence. European neo-colonialists are as bad as their colonialist forebearers, as also seen with the British in Turks and Caicos and French in Guiana.

Anti-austerity general strike shuts down Argentina. Fascist Macri turning Argentina into another Greece, courtesy of the shyster bankers.
Protesters occupy French space launch station in French Guiana. Rocket launches suspended.
Lenin Moreno wins Ecuadorian presidential race. Rightists attempt an electoral putsch. Ecuador remains a bulwark against U.S. imperialism in the world.

Protesters burn Paraguayan Congress after move is made to change constitution and allow CIA-installed president to run for re-election. Other legislatures should take note.
El Chapo arrest leaves bloody turf war in its wake. Just like Qaddafi, Assad, and Mubarak, El Chapo served as a stabilizing influence, something the CIA decided it doesn't want.
Argentine deal to buy $2 billion in U.S. weapons. Is the target the Falkland Islands? Another U.S. dagger at NATO.
General strike hits French Guiana. "500 Brothers" vigilante group appears to be run covertly by French security forces to demoralize the opposition to arcane French colonial rule. Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron calls French Guiana an "island." Il est un idiot.
Bolivia celebrates Che Guevara's first guerrilla battle. Che was killed by CIA agents and became an international martyr against fascism.
Trump pal and ex-Panamanian president Martinelli fights extradition to Panama from Miami. Is Trump pulling strings to help Martinelli?
Pro-Macri newspaper Clarin retracts fake news alleging former Spanish PM urged Macri to place ex-President Kirchner in prison. Paper makes up quote attributed to Felip Gonzalez. Macri and Trump are fellow travelers.
Guatemala presidential adviser ordered arrested. Funny man president Morales is not laughing now.
Dominica-Cuba ties grow closer. Cuba aids island nation in areas of climatic change, environment, and public health.
Mexican governor jailed for allowing his predecessor to escape justice by fleeing to Belize. Verzcruz state a lesson in narcotics smuggling and total corruption.
Bonaire government survives executive council vote. Coalition remains intact.

Guatemalan protesters demand Morales resign as president. Head of state called "incapable."
Venezuela foreign minister calls Peruvian president a "coward" and a "dog." Lima recalls ambassador in Caracas.
Peru news being broadcast in Quechua. The Spaniards and American-backed dictators tried to stamp it out.

Tijuana "shit tsunami" may have been intentional. Mexican sewage discharge fouled San Diego beaches.
Honduran environmental leader assassinated by U.S.-trained Honduran elite troops. John Negroponte's death squads are still alive and doing well.
Trump's vulgarity is contagious. Bahamian PM Perry Christie flips the bird.
Brazil's Carnival revelers protest against CIA stooge president Temer. They want Dilma back.
Argentine opposition moves to impeach corrupt Macri. Macri is the Trump of Argentina.
CARICOM leaders pledge support for Belize and Guyana in border disputes. St. Kitts-Nevis absent from summit.
Bolivia seizes U.S. weapons cache. This is Pompeo's CIA doing this.

Bolivia seizes U.S. weapons cache. This is Pompeo's CIA doing this.
Former Peruvian president Alejandro Toledo sought by Lima. Toledo's Israeli wife, Eliane Karp, gives him an insurance policy to escape justice.
Radio Marti continues broadcasting anti-Cuban government drivel. Neocon contrivances never seem to die.
Leftist Obrador favored as next Mexican president. That will set the stage for a potential military conflict with Trumpist America. Let's see how many Texas Trumpers will be willing to die for the moron-in-chief.
Antigua to issue list of diplomatic passport holders. Dip. passports have been on sale to highest bidders.
Cayman Islands visas no longer required for Chinese nationals. China expands influence in Western Hemisphere.
  • Trump threatens Mexican president with U.S. troops. Of course, there are denials about it because such an act would violate the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo of 1848 and invalidate the Rio Grande river as the U.S. Mexican border. Hey Mango Mussolini, your wall will have to be on the Texas-Oklahoma border!

  • El Chapo extradited to U.S. Be certain the CIA will prevent him from talking at his trial about his "special relationship" with Langley.

Swedish prosecutors drop rape investigation of Julian Assange. WikiLeaks founder still fears extradition to U.S. and plans to stay put in Ecuadorian embassy in London.
Macron: An American Trojan horse inside the Elysee Palace. Macron has looked out for business: U.S. business.
Berlusconi says Macron has a "good-looking mother," referring to the 39-year old French president's senior citizen wife. Silvio is still a laugh a minute.
Merkel's party victors in SPD heartland of North Rhine-Westphalia. Martin Schulz humiliated with second defeat since taking over Social Democrats. Anti-immigrant AfD enters North-Rhine-Westphalia parliament.
Spanish parliament votes to move Franco's remains from mausoleum in central Madrid. And yes, "Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead."
Macron faces first revolt from Francois Bayrou Centrists in his coalition. Bayrou calls Macron's presidency a "Socialist recycling operation."
Wallonia-Brussels Federation sets up citizens' panels. Panels will mirror the federation parliament.
U.S. urges Kosovo to recognize current border with Montenegro. Kosovo lays claim to Montenegrin regions as part of Greater Albania plan.
Bilderberger, globalist, European federalist, and Rothschild banker Emmanuel Macron elected French president. What's there not to hate? Turnout was low and abstentions highest since 1969.
Martin Schulz's first test as SPD leader is an epic fail. SPD coalition tossed out by Merkel's party in Schleswig-Holstein.
Ukrainians begin to realize that the Donbass will not be re-united with Ukraine. It's the Ukrainian "new normal," which many Ukrainians recognize but the EU and NATO do not. Ukraine bans Steven Seagal as threat to national security. Whose next? Mel Gibson cause he's a threat to the Khazar Khanate?
Le Pen in debate with Rothschild Macron: France will be led by a woman, either me or Mrs. Merkel. Let's hope for France's sake it's not the German hausfrau.
For the Balkans, Trump is no different than Obama. U.S. interference rife in Macedonia and Serbia.
British gym ad has fat people up in arms. The ad: "Advance health warning! When the aliens come, they will eat the fatties first." It's obvious some fat people have no sense of humor, which means they have nothing, at all, going on for them.

False flag op exposed in Germany. German soldier masquerading as Syrian refugee planned terrorist attack.
Facebook's anti-"Fake News" effort tries to distance Macron from the Rothschilds. Facebook trying to alter Macron's history as a Rothschild investment banker. If Mark Zuckerberg is so proud of his religion, why does he try to hide the existence of the Rothschilds?
Le Pen sees boost in support from left. The left sees Macron as a bankers' tool, which he is.
EU defends Soros university in Budapest against Hungarian government. The EU: a contrivance owned and operated by Soros and his Rothschild overseers.
The Sovereigntist Movement isn't going anywhere. Globalists like Macron and Van Der Bellen will only steel the resolve of the anti-globalist forces.
Le Pen tops global banker Macron (who married his high school teacher, 24 years his senior) with well over 25 percent of the vote in many French regions, including northeast France. Macron shtuping his high school teacher and winning the presidency would be like the kid Mary Kay Letourneau was screwing winning the White House. Macron and the "ick" factor -- the corporate news won't report that.

63 percent of German Turks voted for Erdogan. Which is why they should all be deported back to their neo-Ottoman dictatorship and stop mucking up democratic European civilization.
Isle of Man concerned over Corbyn's call for direct UK rule over self-governing Crown dependencies. Brexit and UK election being eyed closely in Douglas.
Rajoy government has plan to deal with zombie apocalypse. But Spanish government will not answer opposition questions on realistic issues.
Belarus and Moldova cement ties. Leaders cite benefits to both countries from the Soviet era.
McCain meets with MEK terrorists in Albania. MEK was designated a terrorist organization by the US State Department. Now, the US has given Balkans Muslims another terrorist organization to join the Kosovo Liberation Army and the Islamic State.
Accusation of Baltic News Service "fake news" about US troops in Latvia being poisoned by mustard gas at the bottom of the Baltic. Fake news? It's likely true.

Denmark beefs up military forces against Russia. And here is the new Danish military logistics vehicle: Image result for tuborg truck
Uzbekistan warned Sweden of terrorist's links to ISIL. Sweden allowed a known terrorist to enter the country.
Estonian troops vacating their barracks for NATO troops. After patting NATO on the back, Trump is bringing NATO closer to war with Russia.
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, responding to Andrea Mitchell's rude outbursts, asks who brought her up. Answer: Two loud-mouthed parents from New Rochelle.
Denmark recycles piss into beer. Budweiser thought of that a long time ago.
Trump says NATO is "no longer obsolete." No, Trump is obsolete.
Putin has chilly meeting with Tillerson. U.S.-Russian relaitons worse than under Obama, says Putin. Trump has morphed into a disgusting neocon.
Chief of Ukrainian Central Bank quits after being called a Russian "stooge" by neo-Nazi protesters. "Choco-shenko" loses an ally.
Thousands protest new Greek austerity measures. The only solution is to hang the bankers with the entrails of the members of the Greek Cabinet.

U.S. ambassador to Serbia continues to advance George Soros's agenda on behalf of Donald Trump. Kyle Scott is undermining re-elected president Aleksandar Vucic.
Dutch citizens of Turkish descent prevented from leaving Turkey by Erdogan. Dutch nationals are facing charges over criticizing Sultan Erdogan. The U.S. Tomahawks fired on Syria should have targeted Erdogan's presidential palace in Ankara.
Demands that Ken Livingstone be expelled from UK Labor because he cited documented proof of cooperation between Hitler's Nazis and Zionism before World War II. It's real and called the Transfer Agreement. But, instead of confronting historical facts, Zionists want to kill the messenger. This is an old tactic that people are growing tired of.
St. Petersburg Metro bomber was Kyrgyz national who became Russian citizen. Kyrgyzstan, the one-time home of the CIA-connected Tsarnaev family. Smirky Mike Pompeo should turn his director's diary over to the intelligence oversight committees, pronto!
Anglo-Spanish war looms over Gibraltar. Top British Toro suggests English war with Spain a possibility.
Erdogan calls EU a "crusader alliance" led by the Pope. "Make Istanbul Constantinople Again! MICA!

Spain puts pressure on Gibraltar in Brexit wake. Spain makes grab for British territory.
EU strips more flesh off Greece through austerity. SYRIZA plummets in opinion polls.
Juncker the Drunkard threatens to support secession of Ohio and Austin from U.S. This comes from someone who claimed to have spoken to the leaders of other planets.
British and French troops arrive in Estonia. Well, they can always show us again what Dunkirk was like.
Brexit Article 50 notification triggers Scotexit referendum. Scotland is on its way out of the UK.
German Left Party leader calls Erdogan terrorism "godfather" and likens his regime to Nazi Germany's. Sahra Wagenknecht shows that the left doesn't have to be lickspittles when it comes to Islamists like Erdogan and his ilk's beliefs.
Pro-EU party wins Bulgarian snap election. Socialists come in second.
Merkel party wins in Saarland. SPD under Euro-federalist Schulz has lackluster results.
Switzerland keeps invading Liechtenstein and getting away with it. In an age of GPS, how could Swiss troops not know where they are?
Russia accused of assassinating exiled Russian Communist MP in Ukraine. Ahem . . . Ukraine's Nazis, who are in power in Kiev, have killed Ukrainian Communists, so why not a Russian one?
Kamza, Albania names street after Trump. Albania also has a statute of George W. Bush. Where's Dennis Hastert Children's Park?
Stand by for another map change in Europe. Autonomous Mercia, Northumbria, and Wales. And don't forget Cornwall.
Croatia gets new weapons from the U.S. as Russia supplies Serbia receives new fighter jets from Russia. Balkans returns to war footing.
Bulgarian ambassador to Turkey recalled. Turkey accused of involvement in Bulgarian election campaign.
Turkish hackers post Nazi slurs on Twitter accounts in Germany and the Netherlands. So, why isn't the U.S. Justice Department criminally charging the Erdogan government with hacking?
Anti-immigrant party falls short in Netherlands election. PM Rutte declares victory.
Free book in Bulgaria details all those on payroll of Soros. "Political engineers" include prosecutors and judges.
Hungarian president Janos Ader defeats Soros-backed candidate. Defeated Laszlo Majtenyi jokingly said he did not extend his thanks to George Soros. As well he should, Soros now has a terrible track record in inserting his clones into power.
Dutch warn citizens about travel to Turkey. Also, Turkey detains Austrian citizens for criticizing Erdogan.
Bulgarian vigilantes patrol border to keep Muslim migrants out. Citizens armed with machetes, knives, and hatchets. Too bad one can't get close to Turkey's Erdogan and give him a "splitting headache."
Corbyn backs second Scottish independence referendum. Scottish Labor irate.
Islamist protesters attack Dutch consulate in Istanbul. Make Istanbul Great Again. Return it to Constantinople and restore the Holy See of Byzantium and rid the city of Sunnis unless they convert to Greek Orthodoxy. Two can play the Wahhabi game.

Scotland plans 2018 independence vote. There will be no President Obama to lobby against it this time around.
Hungary to detain all asylum seekers. UN agency throws a fit.
Erdogan likens Germany's policies to Nazi regime. Berlin-Ankara relations take another hit.
Poland dumps Tusk as candidate for EU Council President. European federalists want to keep Tusk.

May braces for second Scottish independence referendum. Scotland seeks to remain in EU.
EU may impose visas for U.S. citizens. That means a French visa to visit Paris and an Italian visa to fly to Rome.
Russia sticking with recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia independence. Moscow rejects claims by Georgian negotiator that Russia will abandon both states.
Pheasant Island: the island that is French for half a year and Spanish for the other half. It's a different kind of condominium.
Swedish security services busts agent spying on Tibetan refugees for a "foreign power." It's obvious what power it is.
ICE detains and threatens to deport French historian Henri Rousso. First they came for the Muslims, then the Jews, and then you! Nazi is as Nazi does.
Estonia reaches out to ethnic Russians and Russian-speakers. If Ukraine had done this, there would be no civil war.
Former CIA officer arrested in Portugal for kidnapping of Muslim cleric in Italy. Sabrina De Sousa to be extradited to Italy.
Montenegro, a virtual colony of the Rothschilds, accuses Russia of backing a coup. Too bad the coup report is not true, since ridding Montenegro of the Rothschilds would be a blessing.
Finland on used arms buying spree to replace Soviet-era weaponry. It bought used armor chassis from the Netherlands. And second-hand howitzers from South Korea. It's all in preparation for NATO membership.
Trump's "Sweden Massacre" joins the "Massacres of Bowling Green and Atlanta" in the White House "fake news" annals. Never forget what never happened in Sweden. Photo of the only thing that survived the Swedish massacre: Now we can enjoy those delicious meatballs, minus the schlep to IKEA.
"Fake news" copy of L'Osservatore Romano sent to Vatican cardinals. Sounds like the work of Cardinal Raymond Burke and his friend Steve Bannon.

"Fake news" copy of L'Osservatore Romano sent to Vatican cardinals. Sounds like the work of Cardinal Raymond Burke and his friend Steve Bannon.
Hamburg airport evacuated after foul smell wafts through terminal. Likely, an arriving passenger had availed himself of the free taco bar at the National Press Club in DC.
Former Shin Bet chief inolved in Volkswagen emission scandal. So, Israeli security officisls working closely with Adolf Hitler's favorite firm. No surprise.
Romanian Social Democratic leader blames Soros for nation's political unrest. Chalk up another loss for Trump's real estate investor.
Trump demanded that Hollande give U.S. back NATO money. Hollande should've responded:
"Es-tu fou?"
Belgium alarmed over spread of Wahhabism. And Trump just cleared the sale of advance missiles and fighters to two bastions of Wahhabism: Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Trump takes his orders from the same cabal, folks! You've been had.
German police round up Al Nusra targets in sweep. Al Nusra has been supported by the CIA.
Navalny guilty of fraud. He also hangs around neo-Nazis. Toss the key away.
Sarkozy on trial for corruption. Neocon is just a synonym for graft and corruption.
Bannon takes sides in Vatican internal battle. Bannon may have provoked Vatican rift with Order of Malta.
Republicans in Congress urge removal of meddling U.S. ambassador to Macedonia Jess Baily. Baily has been spending Soros money against the Macedonian government.           

Former Norwegian Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik detained pursuant to Trump's visa restrictions at Dulles International Airport en route to National Prayer Breakfast. Trump bans "Lutheran terrorists" from prayer breakfast where he prayed for Schwarzenegger's TV ratings. Trump needs to be placed in the "John Hinckley Suite" at St. Elizabeth's.
Putin says Ukraine President stoking violence in Donbass to curry favor with Trump. "Choco-shenko" is desperate without Obama.
Spanish EU official to Scotland: If Scotland tries to join EU alone, it will wait behind Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia, and Turkey.
U.S. deploying tanks to Estonia. So much for Trump's pulling back from confrontation with Russia.
Queen Elizabeth not keen on Trump state visit. Trump likened to Mugabe and Ceausescu. It should be recalled that Ceausescu left office in a firing squad.
Hamon wins French Socialist presidential primary. Valls, a right-wing Socialist, defeated.
Scottish First Minister tells London that Scotland is resolute on economic and political independence with Brexit. Wales will follow.                 
  • The world's second-smallest nation annexes the world's smallest nation. Vatican takes over the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. SMOM has separate diplomatic relations with over a hundred nations, is a UN observer, and issues its own passports. It is nowa de facto part of the Vatican. Where are the sanctions, visa bans, and asset freezes for the Vatican's illegal takeover?
  • Portugal's Mario Soares dead at 92. The corporate media won't report that Soares was a long-time CIA asset who steered European social democracy right into the hands of the bare-fanged bankers.
Translation: Christianity, Super-powerness, National identity
Rouhani wins landslide re-election in Iran. Iran just sent the West a huge message, which Trump will ignore by continuing to side with the radical Sunnis is their war with the Shi'as.
Yemeni rebels fire ballistic missile near Riyadh ahead of Trump's touchdown. Trump will probably award himself a Silver Star for bravery in combat.
Turks paid Michael Flynn a half million dollar retainer to reverse U.S. course on backing Syrian Kurds. That only benefited ISIL and the Saudis.
Independent South Yemen government proclaimed in Aden. Yemen now has a three-way civil war.
Iran changes land corridor used to reach Mediterranean. Iran avoiding U.S. troops in northern Syria.
Lebanon hacked into Lebanon's telecom network. Israelis delivered fake messages to WhatsApp users.
Saudi cleric calls Trump, whose first foreign visit as president is to Saudi Arabia, a "servant of Allah." Remarks touch off firestorm from Muslims on social media.
Deputy leader of Russian nationalist party dies after swimming in the Dead Sea in Israel. The Israeli government is mum on details.
In Israel, it's not "Pizzagate" but "Pizza Hut-gate." Pizza chain under fire for mocking Palestinian hunger strike in ad.
Turkey fumes over U.S. arming of Syrian Kurds. Imperial Turks call Kurds "terrorists."
Erdogan wants to stop the "judaization" of Jerusalem. At least, that's one laudable goal.
Qatar opens mega-mosque in Malmo, Sweden. Where are the church steeples in Doha? Of course, it's a Wahhabist mosque, which will be training tomorrow's jihadists today.
Lebanon threatened by Israel and jihadists says Lebanese security chief. More proof of the alliance between ISIL and Israel. Former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said ISIL apologized to Israel for November clash with IDF in Golan Heights. Funny, Israel never apologized for its 9/11 attack on the U.S. Both entities should be wiped out as existential threats to the human race.

Turks bomb U.S. Kurdish allies in Syria and Iraq. So, Trump, where are the Tomahawks targeting Ankara?

NATO's outsourced eastern flank. NATO's eastern associate membership is dominated by the truly radical Islamist states of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain.

Iraqi PM wants delay of Kurdistan independence referendum. Cites the ill-fated Republic of Mahabad as precedent.

85 potential successors to Oman's Sultan Qabus adds to intrigue in what is now a stable nation. That could change with ailing sultan's death.

Trump congratulates Erdogan on referendum that will turn Turkey into an Islamist recreation of the Ottoman Empire. Trump has aided and abetted a "radical Islamic terrorist."

U.S. bombed Syrian mosque and denied it. Nice to see the U.S. military knows how to lie as good as their commander-in-chief.
Erdogan ekes out narrow win in referendum on new constitution. The Ottoman Empire is back with Erdogan as Emperor.
Islamic State in Sinai Province (ISSP) targeting Christians in Sinai and in Egypt proper. ISIL has more franchises than a fast-food chain.

Duterte to meet King Hamad in Bahrain. These two mass murderers should get along well together.
Kurdistan steaming ahead for independence. Turkey wants Kurdish flags lowered in northern Iraq.
Saudi king praises Trump for air strike on Syria. Meet Trump -- Obama 2.0.

Trump's UN ambassador goes full-neocon. Russia-bashing is no different than that of Susan Rice and Samantha Power.
Russia suspends agreement with U.S. on air operations in Syrian airspace. That was an Obama-era agreement, which makes Obama more of a neocon administration than the last.
Two former Shin Bet chiefs say Israel has sunk into tyranny. Well, they must be "anti-Semites" too.
Trump launches 60 cruise missiles against Syrian airbase at Shayrat, Homs. According to Reuters, Dec. 3, 2015, Russian forces moved into Shayrat with technicians and installations. Way to go Trump, you orange-faced shitgibbon war monger.
Don't doubt for a minute that ISIL and their Wahhabist and Israeli financiers wouldn't stage a chemical weapons attack to blame Assad and Russia. CIA's "White Helmets" at center of false flag attack. Turn over your diaries, Mr. Pompeo.
Israel and UAE in joint military training exercises in Greece. Wahhabism and Zionism are two sides of the same coin.

U.S. lifting arms export restrictions on Bahrain. The Bahrain regime is a blood thirsty dictatorship that likes killing Shi'as.
Russia has "case by case" access to Iranian military bases. Military base agreement has its critics in Iran.
Israel set to illegally annex Lebanese maritime zone. Israel only exists because of stolen territory.
UAE summons Swiss ambassador over Swiss statement at UN criticizing human rights situation in Bahrain. Go ahead Mercedes-driving shaikh monkeys, see what will happen to your secret Swiss bank accounts.
UN official forced out over report stating Israel is an "apartheid state." Secretary General Antonio Guterres shows that he is a Zionist tool.
Erdogan attacks Netherlands over 1995 Srebenica massacre. Dutch call comment repugnant.
Ancient Assyrian artifacts discovered in ISIL tunnels in Mosul. ISIL was just waiting to fence them to Israeli antiquities poachers.

Erdogan on rants, calls Dutch and Germans "Nazis." And Erdogan is a jihadist monstrosity.
Israel bars entry to foreign critics of country. Middle East's only "democratic" nation?
Israeli Defense Minister Lieberman says Trump administration warned Israel against any West Bank sovereignty grab. If true, Trump deserves some credit for this stance.

India expands influence in Kurdistan. Delhi-Erbil diplomatic contacts increasing.
Turkey pressuring Trump administration to abandon Syrian Kurds. The typical American double-cross for the Kurds. First, it was Woodrow Wilson, then Richard Nixon, and soon, Donald Trump. 
Le Pen refused to wear head scarf in meeting with Lebanese Muslim leaders. Good for her. No religion has the right to impose its antiquated beliefs and rituals on others.
Azerbaijani president names his wife as first vice president. Nepotism from Washington, DC to Baku now rules.
Trump team ignores human rights outrages in Bahrain. For Trump, it's all about weapons sales and oil.

UAE to set up military base in Berbera, Somaiiland to fight Houthis in Yemen. That base will be run by Betsy De Vos's brother Erik Prince, the chief of UAE's mercenary army.
Pompeo gives Saudi crown prince "George Tenet Award" for counter-terrorism. That includes Saudi support for Al Qaeda and ISIL.
Israel lashes out at Belgian prime minister for meeting with Israeli liberal groups. Netanyahu and Trump are two bullies who need to go.
Trump praises Erdogan's handling of coup. That included arresting journalists, politicians, police and military officers, and college professors. Trump admires that! CIA's Pompeo to visit Turkey in first overseas trip.
Trump approved deadly Yemen raid with insufficient intelligence. Main Al Qaeda target missed completely but 8-year old girl killed. Trump is making George W. Bush look like Churchill.
Yemeni ballistic missile strikes Riyadh. It's always good when the Saudis get a taste of their own medicine.

Cabotage policy ended for Sabah, Sarawak, and Labuan. Non-Malaysian flag vessels can now deliver goods to states.
Laotian and Cambodian troops face off on border. Cambodian PM plays down dispute.
Nepal joins One Belt One Road initiative. Plans for Kathmandu-Lhasa highway. 

U.S. tries to pressure China to disinvite North Korea from the China-hosted Silk Road summit. China, in effect, tells neocons in Trump administration they'll invite whoever they please.
Duterte appoints erotic dancer and blogger on masturbation techniques as his assistant presidential communications secretary. She ought to be a draw at the next ASEAN summit.
Jakarta's Christian Governor Ahok sentenced to 2 years in prison for blasphemy against Islam. Yes, such a wonderful and tolerant Wahhabism the Saudis have extended to Indonesia.
South Korea's new president, Moon Jae-in, favors closer ties with North Korea. Trump will have to pack up his war toys and head home.
New church dominates skyline in Changsha, China. Changsha, ironically, is the city where Mao grew up and joined the Communist Party.
North Korea claims CIA/South Korean intelligence plot to assassinate Kim Jong Un with "biochemical" substance. Now, the CIA would never think of doing such a thing, except to Castro, Lumumba, Chavez, Nasser, Sukarno, and countless others.
Mahadhdhoo Island in Gaafu Alifu Atoll in Maldives is up for sale. The Indian Ocean island-buying Saudis or Emiratis will likely scoop it up to spread the Wahhabist death cult throughout the Indian Ocean littoral.
Erdogan extends his influence into Kashmir. India troubled by Turkish dictator's mediation offer.
Nepal's first female chief justice suspended while facing impeachment. Justice clashed with government over police policies.

Trump applies pressure on <drum roll> South Korea. Wants Seoul to scrap trade treaty and pay for U.S. missile defense against North.
Mongolia asks Russia for air defense assistance. Northeast Asia beefing up military readiness in face of Korea tensions.
China renames parts of Arunachal Pradesh with Chinese names. Arunachal Pradesh chief minister protests.

Trump makes false claim about Xi Jinping. Claims Chinese president told him that Korea was once part of China. It was not and Xi would never claim such a thing. Advice for Trump: keep your dumb trap shut, you orange-faced shitgibbon.
Jakarta's Christian governor loses re-election to Muslim backed by radical Islamist parties. It's past time to stem the flow of Saudi and Qatari funds to Southeast Asian jihadist groups.
Trump has absolutely no idea about the identity of the North Korean leader. Trump combines three North Korean leaders as "this gentleman." Trump is beginning to make George W. Bush look like Socrates.
Chinese allies and friends to gather for "Silk Road" summit in Beijing. An international political bloc against Trump, who will not be in attendance, is forming.
Ex-President of Afghanistan Karzai denounces MOAB attack by Trump. Says Pentagon is using Afghanistan as a weapons lab.

Border tensions flare between Laos and Cambodia. Cambodian border area road stirs tensions.
China provides free military equipment to Laos. Hardware masked as "office equipment."
North Korean issue will not be settled on America's terms only. Best scenario is a post-Kim strictly non-aligned leader. Forget U.S. and South Korean troops on the Yalu River.

10-to-12 year old girl raised by monkeys in northern India. That's better off than being raised by Donald Trump.
Duterte orders Philippines military to occupy all Philippines-claimed islands in the South China Sea. Speed up the countdown clock to World War III.
China livid over Dalai Lama's visit to Arunachal Pradesh. China claims Indian state as its territory.
Montagnards flee to Thailand from Cambodia. Like the Hmong of Laos, the Montagnards of South Vietnam are the victims of the CIA's secret wars in Indochina.

Kazakh second satellite suffers failure. First satellite was hit with computer malfunction. US Cyber Command playing games with Russian-built satellites?
Chinese buying up land in Sabah. At least that will help keep the Islamists at bay.
Sarawak fights against attempt to Islamicize largely non-Muslim Malaysian state. Sarawak and Sabah independence from Saudi-influenced Malaya is the only answer.
North Korea suspected in cyber-heist of $81 million in Bangladesh funds held at Federal Reserve Bank in NY. Which means the North Koreans can hack into SWIFT.
Shinzo Abe mired in land sale scam involving his family. Does that also explain why Abe was the first leader to meet real estate scam baron Trump after his election in November?
South Korea concerned about safety of athletes in wake of attack on Kim Jong-nam. Hunan province in China is of particular concern.
Yogi Adityanath appointment as Uttar Pradesh chief minister portends Hindu extremism at expense of minorities. A return to Hindu-Muslim violence is a real threat.
Taiwan in talks over establishing diplomatic relations with Order of Malta. Move comes as Vatican-China ties may be imminent.

Taiwan accuses China of stepped-up espionage on island. Claims Chinese agents are masquerading as academics and businessmen.
Cambodia remains one of North Korea's closest allies in Asia. A leftover from the brotherly ties between Norodom Sihanouk and Kim Il Sung.
Philippines Vice President Leni Robredo criticizes Duterte's drug war. Calls for UN to investigate Duterte's crimes against humanity.
Violence after Indian troops cross into Nepal and shoot Nepali protester. Indians laying claim to Nepali territory.

Maldives denies it is selling the 26 islands of Faafu atoll to Saudi Arabia. Such a deal would represent a dangerous expansion of Wahhabi influence in Indian Ocean.
Duterte protests U.S. television show depicting a misogynist Philippines president. Duterte is competing with Trump as far as being a boor and Duterte is winning.
Chinese prime minister criticizes calls for Hong Kong independence. First time the issue has been raised publicly by a Chinese PM.

Saudi Arabia buying more influence in Indonesia as King Salman visits. Saudis move as Indonesia is becoming more Islamist.
Sindh's "CIA" -- Crime Investigation Agency is as corrupt as America's CIA -- and more dangerous. Sindhi agency a nest of corruption.
Maldives bans sex toys. Which means that Donald Trump is banned from visiting Maldives, since he is a giant dildo.
Kim Jong-nam assassinated by VX nerve agent. North Korea refuses to accept Malaysian police investigation.
Feline Pizzagate in Japan. Pizza Hut runs entirely by cats!
Senator calls Duterte "sociopathic serial killer." Senator was previously charged with drug crimes.
Singapore PM backs two-state solution in meeting with Netanyahu. First Israeli PM visit to Singapore.
Niger opposition leader to be tried on sedition charges. Niger is one of Mad Dog Mattis's West African "allies." It figures.
Ethiopian opposition leader convicted on "terrorism" charge. Anyone opposed to the regime is a "terrorist."
Ivory Coast troops end mutiny. Soldiers will receive bonuses.
Sudan's Omar al-Bashir to meet with Trump at Islamic Summit in Saudi Arabia. Bashir is under indictment by the International Criminal Court.
Serbian ambassador to Libya dies in car crash. Few details are offered by Libyans.
Trial of Blaise Compaore's ex-ministers begins in Burkina Faso. Will the trial expose Compaore's role in the assassination of predecessor Thomas Sankara? That's the big question in Burkina Faso today.
Another Nigerian president heading to a hospital. Mohammadu Buhari heading to London after serious illness rumors. When they leave, it is usually in a coffin.
Benin's Egungung secret society. Members believe they can kill with one touch. Sounds like the Skull and Bones.
Egypt denies plan for military base in Eritrea. Saudis, UAE, and Israel already have bases in Eritrea.
Seychelles opens embassy in Havana. Mission opened by President Danny Faure.

Uganda's Punishment Island: It's where pregnant girls are sent to die. Nice to know AFRICOM is there to protect places like Punishment Island.
U.S. blocks Namibian arms deal with China. The long reach of AFRICOM.
New Chinese ambassador to Guinea-Bissau speaks fluent Portuguese. Envoy previously served in Angola.
Swazi king wants to ban divorce. And King Mswati has 13 wives.
Erik Prince's sordid involvement with Kenyan mercenary leader and Seychelles coup plotters. Prince is merely an adjunct of the CIA.

Soros sued by Israel mining tycoon Benny Steinmetz over failed Guinea mining deal.When Zionists fight, it's always in court.
Tunisia moves closer to NATO membership. NATO opening "Tunisian Intelligence Fusion Center" in country. Mr. "America First" Trump overseeing expansion of NATO into Africa.
Senegal shows off new military hardware in parades. As if it has nothing else to spend money on.
Saudi Arabia and Sudan hold joint air force drill. Jointly form an anti-Iran axis.

Erik Prince held secret meeting in Seychelles on behalf of Trump administration to steer Russia away from Iran support. WMR reported on UAE use of Seychelles last month.
Chinese ambassador to Liberia warns of underground Taiwanese channels in country. Says presidential candidates are targets of Taiwan's "dollar diplomacy."
Swaziland wants to annex large portions of Mozambique and South Africa, including Pretoria. A new term to reckon with: Pan-Swazism.
Attempt to write Kwame Nkrumah out of Ghanaian history. The CIA never gives up on these foolish quests.
Anglophone leaders on trial in Cameroon. English-speaking Cameroon wants freedom as the Republic of Ambazonia.
U.S.-Africa trade meeting in Los Angeles was missing key attendees: Africans. Trump regime denied visas to invited guests from
Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and South Africa.
Benin considers single 6-year presidential term. Move supported by President Patrice Talon.
Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation and TBC1 radio station fall for fake news. False news story about Trump praising Tanzanian president aired.
Equatorial Guinea's Teodoro Obiang Nguema promotes vigilante killings. Obiang is one of Africa's longest-serving dictators.

Botswana and Palestine establish diplomatic relations. Israel's influence in a diplomatic ally curtailed.
Mugabe racking up more frequent flyer miles than Trump. 93-year old despot is called the "nomad president."
South African security minister takes on fake news and social media. David Mahlobo wants new regulations imposed on social media.

Tonga PM predicts China will take over the islands. Low Tongan birthrate means more Chinese workers.
No Macron party parliamentary candidates in French Pacific territories. Macron barely edged out Le Pen in New Caledonia in second-round presidential election.
Trump sanctions Nauru because it recognizes Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent. Trump's anti-Russia diplomatic policy is the same as that of Obama.
Henderson Island has highest percentage of plastic waste than anywhere in the world. Uninhabited nature preserve has become a garbage dump.
Samoa admitted to China's Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). Move extends Chinese clout in South Pacific.
West Papuan independence leader seeks Maori assistance. Benny Wenda meeting with Maori and Pacific Islander MPs in New Zealand.
New Zealand protest involves inflatable poo emojis floating on lake. Environmentalists blame government for "more poo and wee in the water." Be quiet! Coca Cola will start bottling it!Malcolm Turnbull says Trump treated him "like family." If that's the case, Mr. Turnbull must have a sore rectum.

Turnbull tells Trump to stop focusing on media. Turnbull's relationship with Trump can only go south from here.
Australian foreign minister denies U.S. has delayed interviewing refugees in Nauru. Refugee deal may still be in question.
Former Vanuatu MPs to be retried on conspiracy charges. Appeals court quashed original convictions.
Pence boosts troops' "morale" in American Samoa. Yes, it's tough duty ensuring fealty from a U.S. colonial Pacific island group and Dan Quayle's "happy campers."
THAAD operational in Guam. Primary defense against a North Korean missile attack.
Detainee on Manus Island claims Australian guards started riots. Guards had been transferred from the Nauru detention center.
Guam mobilizes for showdown with North Korea. Guam residents urged to remain "vigilant" as fighter jets arrive from Singapore.
Nauru will soon be recognizing Alania. South Ossetia to change name.
Turnbull interferes in Papua New Guinea election by praising incumbent prime minister. Neo-colonialism still runs strong in Canberra and Wellington.

Chinese company to upgrade Vanuatu airport runway. Bauerfield International runway's present condition resulted in canceled flights by Air New Zealand and Qantas.
Solomons and Indonesia to exchange police intelligence on terrorists. Beware of Saudi Wahhabist designs on the South Pacific via Indonesia.
FBI raids office of Saipan casino. Louis Freeh, Ed Rendell, James Woolsey, and Haley Barbour sit on casino's board.
Micronesia a player in China's Belt and Road Initiative. Project comprises Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.
Low turnout in Vanuatu provincial elections. Vote held in Malampa, Penama, Shefa and Tafea.
More powers devolved to Bougainville government. Bougainville president expects financing also.
New Zealand expels U.S. diplomat who left country with a black eye and broken nose. Looks like Trump has himself a new deputy Secretary of State. Colin White is an NSA technician who worked with NSA's NZ counterpart, GCSB.
U.S. fingerprinting refugees on Nauru and Manus Island prior to transfer to U.S. 1500 refugees undergoing extreme vetting per Trump's order.

U.S. to abandon Quad fishing surveillance agreement in Pacific. Pacific states refuse to share information about their waters with Washington.
Labor sweeps away Liberal-Nationals in Western Australia.
New premier vows to stop privatization schemes.
Visa-free agreement in works between Russia and Micronesia. The South Pacific is no longer an "American lake."
Children as young as 7 employed as laborers in Samoa. ILO demands Saoman government take corrective action.
Anton Bakov wanted to buy three Kiribati islands to revive the Romanov dynasty. Bakov wanted to buy Malden Island and two other Southern Line isles for resort complex. Kiribati rejected the offer.
Tillerson signs Arctic Council declaration that recognizes climate change. Signals a rift between State Department and climate change non-believer Scott Pruitt at EPA.
Arctic Council nations meet in Alaska. Meeting comes amid military buildup in Arctic region.
No drunks allowed in Westman Islands pub. They're usually found wandering the streets, though.
Labor manifesto to declare support for Falkland Islands sovereignty under Britain. No deal with Argentina in document.

Hotbed of support for Scottish independence in Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha. Which begs the question. Are these colonies of England or would they be overseas territories of an independent Scotland? If the inhabitants identify as Scottish, they are Scottish territories.
U.S. Northern Edge military exercise threatens Alaskan environment. Critical commercial salmon season and migrating animals under threat. But, animals and fishing boats make great targets to Herr Trump!
Doomsday data vault joins the doomsday seed vault in Svalbard. Copies of the Brazilian Constitution and Incan period documents are being stored. Why?
Argentina keeps calling the "Malvinas" the Falkland Islands. Cartography isn't Argentina's strong suit. Stick to the tango.
Arctic coast guards sign protocol on cooperation. But Russia is frozen out of information shared between NATO members and NATO hopefuls Sweden and Finland.
Argentine billionaire with close ties to Israel seeks to buy Falkland Islands largest land owner. UK Prime Minister May could block deal as not being in UK's national interest.
Chinese investors interested in Murmansk. Every major power is interested in the Arctic these days.
Largest lava lake in solar system discovered on Jovian moon Io. Larger than Lake Ontario.
Warm Neptune-like exoplanet discovered. Water vapor in atmosphere.

Photos taken by Curiosity of black sand dunes on Mars. In Hawaii, the black sand is from volcanic activity.
Saturn's hexagonal vortex is bright blue. And it's weird, just weird.

Cassini discovers "big empty" gap between Saturn and its rings. Not as big as the empty gap between Trump's ears.
Martian soil well-suited for making bricks. Maybe the first Martian city will look like colonial Boston.

Earth-mass ice world discovered. But the temperature is -400 F.
Formation "stumps" Mars observers. Is it a tree stump or a rock?
New Earth-like exoplanet discovered. Only 40 light years away.
First images of a black hole captured. Image includes the dreaded event horizon.
First image of dark matter captured? We thought we already captured a photo of dark matter:
Image result for trump hair piece

NASA's planned voyage to Mars, by way of lunar orbiting space station. Trip planned for the 2030s.

First exoplanet atmosphere discovered. It's found on GJ 1132b, an Earth-size planet.
Aged fish thrive on shit from young fish. That explains why Henry Kissinger, George Soros, and Prince Philip are still alive and why David Rockefeller lived so long. They all eat baby shit.
Extinct Tasmanian tiger sightings increase in Tasmania. Last of species captured in 1933.
Milky Way satellite galaxies coexist with dark matter. There could be invisible galaxies made from the dark stuff.
On the drawing board: a skyscraper suspended from an asteroid in orbit. Waht a target for the jihadi terrorists financed by the UAE.
Europa is best place to find alien life in our solar system. NASA gears up for to missions to oceanic planet.
Cirrus clouds seen on Mars. But, but, we were told that was impossible on a totally arid planet.
Dinosaurs may have originated in Britain. And their mother is named Camilla Bowles.
Move to restore Pluto to planetary status. Pluto wants some R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
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