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The Axis Reconstituted -- An Analysis of Neo-Fascism: A Blue Paper

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WMR has analyzed and surveyed the far-right extremist governments that have restored the World War II Axis with some major differences. The United States and Britain are vassal states of this restored Axis. The report also concludes that:

- Donald Trump has been an asset of as many as six foreign intelligence services, including one, the former StB of Czechoslovakia, since as early as 1976.
- Eastern European intelligence services have access to the White House and classified U.S. National Security Information through at least eight members of Trump's family, including himself.
- Trump was run by at least three Eastern European intelligence controllers from 1975 to his election as president.
- Russia, China, Brazil, India, Turkey, Egypt, the United States, Great Britain, the Philippines, Poland, Hungary, Belarus, and other nations are currently governed by neo-fascist governments.

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