publication date: Dec 8, 2023
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Germany to Seize Mortgages

BERLIN, June 3 (AP).—Mortgages
are regarded as property which
may be confiscated from ‘‘enemies
of the German State and people,"
it has been established by govern-
mental action. Secret police seized
a $2,456 mortgage on Berlin prop-
erty held by Otto Wels, former
leader of the Social Democrats.

The New York Times

Published: June 4, 1934



Red Leaders Jailed, Socialists’
Papers Banned and Homes
Searched All Over Prussia.


Goering Asserts Communists
Planned to Trick Nazis Into
‘Occupying’ Berlin.


Foreign Secretary Is Asked What
Guarantee Britain Has of the
Safety of Her Nationals.


Special Cable to THE NEW YORK TIMES.

BERLIN, March 1. — Wholesale
arrests of leading Communists’
throughout Germany and wholesale
suppression of Communist news-
papers, coupled with the suppres-
sion of Socialist newspapers and
‘the mobilization of additional ‘‘aux-
illary police’ in many States,
marked the second day of skillfully
stimulated national hysteria follow-
ing the incendiary fire in the
Reichstag Building. The Com-
munist arrests included the entire
executive committee of the party in
Berlin and Reichstag Deputies and,
party executives elsewhere.

Domiciliary searches of the homes
of Communist functionaries were
common throughout Prussia. The
arrests in Berlin alone totaled more’
than 300, and there were 120 in
Mecklenburg and scores elsewhere.

A number of track guards on the’
Federal Railways were armed with
carbines, and in Hamburg utilities
plants were placed under special

Dr. Wilhelm Frick, the Reich's
Minister of the Interior, formally
requested all the States to suppress
all Communist periodicals and all
Communist meetings and demon-
strations and to confiscate all exist-
ing Communist literature. In Ber-
Hn all Socialist as well as Com-
munist election posters were either
removed or mutilated.

Hitler Reports to President.

Chancellor Hitler called on Presi-
dent von Hindenburg to report on
the progress of the anti-Communist
drive, and the President also re-
ceived Lieut. Gen. Werner von
Blomberg, the Minister of Defense.

Even in Munich, which usually is
not enthusiastic about obeying Nazi
suppression orders but which
has its own memories of a
Communist‘uprising, the
headquarters of that party
was raided and documents
were seized.

The government radio tonight was
entirely monopolized by stirring ap-
peals to the public from five gov-
ernment heads—Chancellor Hitler.
Vice Chancellor Franz von Papen,
Captain Hermann Wilhelm Goer-
ing, Minister without portfolio; Dr.
Alfred Hugenberg, Minister of Eco-
nomics and Agriculture, and Franz
Seldte, Minister of L.abor—to ward
off the "Bolshevist peril.”

Herr Hitler's speech was delivered
before a huge audience in Breslau,
Colonel von Papen’'s in Munich,
where he was bearding the Bavarian
lion in his very den; Dr. Hugen-
berg’s in Bielefeld and Herr Seldte’s
in Magdeburg.

From Berlin Captain Goering in
great detail discussed the govern-
ment’s contention that the Reichs-
tag fire was a mere preliminary to
Communist plans for a nation-wide

He said it had been established
that the Communists were busy or-
ganizing ‘‘terror detachments’ of
200 men each.- They were to appear
in Nazi and Stahlhelm uniforms
and distribute falsified orders to
the effect that the Nazi storm
troops should hold themselves ready
on election night to ‘‘occupy Ber-
lin,” according to Captain Goering,
and even police orders had been
faked, commanding the police to
deliver armored cars.

Charges Poison Plot.

The speaker said Communist or-
ganizations had been discovered
that were to poison food in Nazi
homes and burn granaries through-
out the Reich. He declared instruc-
tions had been seized showing that
the women and children of the fam-
ilies of high authorities were to be
kidnapped and held as hostages,
and that in Karl Liebknecht House,
the Communist headquarters in
Berlin, pamphlets ‘on “the art of
armed riot” had been found in
large numbers.

There was much more of the most
alarming and sensational descrip-
tion. In reply there is not one
word from any Socialist, Com-
munist or other quarter, for the ex-
cellent reason that all the news-
paper mouthpieces of both parties
have been suppressed, all their
leaders have been jailed or are in
eclipse and nobody is, therefore,
available to contradict even the
wildest and most improbable asser-

Only Germania, the Catholic Cen-
trist organ, ventures mildly to as-

“If the Reichstag fire was to be
the signal for a revolution, as of-
ficially stated, we would call atten-
tion to the rather reassuring fact
that none of the events severally
enumerated that were to follow im-
mediately and automatically have
actually taken place,

“The crime is incomprehensible
from whatever viewpoint one may
regard it, but our contemporary,
the Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung,
hits the nail en the head when it
says ‘the least intelligible thing
about the Reichstag fire is that
any Communist should have been
found crazy enough to commit the

Then Germania asks the govern-
ment to ‘‘keep a level head.”

Criticizes “Big Fist’’ Policy.

Der Deutsche, organ of the Cath-
olie labor unions, ventures to re-
monstrate that the policy of the
“big fist’ is always the worst,
“If the National Socialists now
announce that their fist ia crush-
ing communism and Marxism, that
is silly," it declares. “If Marxism
cannot be overcome spiritually, it
will live on, and the more it is be-
labored by fists the stronger it will
become in resistance.”

But Der Angriff, the official Na-
tional Socialist organ, which lists
in large type all the new protective
orders of the government under the
heading *‘‘The Iron Fist of the
Hitler Government,” announces
that Saturday, the day before the
election, will be a national holiday,
‘the day of the awakening of the
nation,” when no window must be
without the Nazi flag, and asserts:

“The nation realizes that Social
Democracy is to be held just as
fully responsible as the Communist
party not only for its immediate
connection with the burning of the
Reichstag or for uniting with the
Communists in a common front but
for the spirit of disintegration
and destruction common to both

And the Kreuz-Zeitung, the Stahl-
helm organ, proclaims:

‘“As by a miracle the German peo-
ple have been saved from the Red
Mongol tempest. The Prussian
Minister of the Interior {Captain
Goering] has smashed Moscow's
plans, At the last moment he
averted ruin.”

A Contrast Recalled.

It 1s worth recalling that less than
a year ago the Socialist party,
which is thus now linked with the
Communist as the perpetrator of
arson and the inciter of insurrec-
tion, was the backbone of the par-
liamentary coalition then ruling
Germany, and Germany was peace-

And within four months, that
is, three days before the last elec-
tion, the Nazis united with these
same Communists in promoting a
street car strike in which lives
were lost, people injured and prop-
arty destroyed.

A Socialist spokesman, describing
the situation in which that party
finds itself five days before the
election, stated tonight:

“In speeches broadcast all over
Germany, in millions of news-
papers, leaflets, handbills and post-
ers, a flood of monstrous accusa-
tions is loosed against us, while
it the same time every attempt to
reply is prevented with all the
means of the splendidly functioning
police machinery and really admir-
able thoroughness. The attacks
constantly grow more fantastic
without our having the least pos-
sibility of defending ourselves.'’

The government today attached
the parliamentary fees due the
Communist Deputies, which are
customarily paid out the first of
each month. Members of the
Reichstag have been entitled to
payment up to the date of a new
election, regardless of whether it
is in session or not. They drew
twenty marks [about $4.75] daily.

The New York Times

Published: March 2, 1933


Kash Patel tells members of
government: 'We're
going to come
after you'
in Trump's 2nd term

The former Trump administration
official appeared on Steve Bannon's

By Lalee Ibssa and Soo Rin Kim
December 6, 2023

For weeks on the campaign trail,
former President Donald Trump
has been suggesting the possibility
that, if elected, he would use the

office of the presidency to seek
retribution against his political
enemies, promising to "root out"
who "live like vermin"
and saying he wouldn't be a
dictator "except for Day One."

Now, a key political ally who's been
touted as a possible acting attorney
general under Trump is doubling
down on those threats, vowing to
target those he called "conspirators"
among journalists and government
officials during a potential second
Trump administration.

"We will go out and find the
conspirators not just in government,
but in the media," said former
Defense Department official Kash
Patel during an appearance on
Steve Bannon's War Room podcast.

Patel, who served as chief of staff
in the Department of Defense
during the Trump administration
and Trump's counterterrorism
adviser on the National Security
Council, was asked by Bannon
if he would be able to deliver
"serious prosecution and
accountability" against their
political opponents during a
second Trump presidency.

"We're going to come after
you whether it's criminally
or civilly," Patel said of Trump's
political foes. "We'll figure
that out."

"This is just not rhetoric,"
Bannon said. "We're absolutely
dead serious."

"You cannot have a
constitutional republic
and allow what these
Deep Staters have done to the
country," said Bannon,
repeating unsubstantiated
conspiracy theories about
sinister elite groups controlling
the country.

The former president faces 91
felony counts across four different
court cases, including federal
charges for unlawfully trying
to overturn the results of the
2020 election, and has pleaded
not guilty to all charges.
He says he is being prosecuted
for political reasons.

Patel was touted by Donald
Trump Jr. during an interview
last month as a possible acting
attorney general should
Trump return to the White House.

The Trump campaign did not
immediately respond to
ABC News' request for comment.

Kash's comments come as Trump
has ratcheted up his anti-
government and anti-media rhetoric
on the campaign trail. Last week
he called for a government
crackdown on MSNBC after
the network criticized him on air.

"Our so-called 'government'
should come down hard on
them and make them pay for
their illegal political activity,"
Trump wrote on his social media
site, adding, "Much more to
come, watch!"

His post immediately drew
concern from journalists and
media critics who see his
message as a threat to the
freedom of the press protected
by the First Amendment.

ABC News
Published: December 6, 2023


Hitler Decorates Krupp on 70th Birthday; Other Nazis Hail Armaments

Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach, head of the
Reich’s greatest armament works, on the
latter's seventieth birthday celebration
yesterday at Essen, Times Wide World Radiophoto,
passed yesterday by German censor


ESSEN, Germany, Aug. T7—The
most demonstrative recognition of
a German industrialist yet accorded
under the National Socialist regime
was paid by Adolf Hitler today to
Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Hal-
bach, director of the Friedrich
Krupp Aktiengesellschaft, Ger-
many’'s foremost armament factory,

on the occasion of his seventieth
birthday. The Chancellor visited
Herr Krupp at his villa in Essen
and awarded him a golden National
Socialist party emblem.

The industrialist also received
numerous other awards from vari-
ous governmental and party func-
tionaries. Dr. Fritz Todt, Westwall
builder, gave him the War Service
Medal, First Class—the first time
this award has been given to any
German. Economics Minister Wal-
ther Funk awarded him the Shield
of the Eagle, while Herr Hitler's
deputy leader, Rudolf Hess, pre-
sented a bust of the Chancellor.

Messages of congratulation were
sent by Albert Pietzsch, head of the
Reich Industrial Chamber, Reich
Press Chief Otto Dietrich and
many other personages.

At the suggestion of Dr. Robert
Ley, head of the Labor Front, Herr
Hitler named Herr Krupp the
“First Pioneer of Labor.”

Following his visit at the Krupp
villa. the Chancellor made a tour of
the Krupp works at Essen. He left
Essen shortly after noon.

Before taking over the Essen
plant Herr Krupp was in the Reich
foreign service, having been a secre-
tary of the German Embassy in
Washington from 1899 to 1900. He
took over the management of the
Krupp interests in 1806.

The New York Times

Published: August 8, 1940

Elon Musk praises Trump branding after
first X post in years

Trump posted to the platform
for the first time in over two
years following the release of
his mugshot

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