publication date: Nov 28, 2023
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Mussert’s National Socialists
of Netherlands Get More
Open Reich Support


Pro-German Prosecutors Are
Named at the Hague After
Fatal Outbreak There


AMSTERDAM, German-Occupied
Netherlands, Sept, 14—Many symp-
toms point to more active promo-
tion by the German authorities of
the influence of the Netherland Na-
tional Socialists in domestic affairs
in all fields.

Their attempts to gain the na-
tion’s confidence having on the
whole proved unsuccessful, the fol-
lowers of Anton Adrian Mussert,
chief of the Nazis of this country,
are gladly accepting the strong
moral support of the Germans,

In yesterday's issue of his weekly
Volk en Vaderland, Mr. Mussert de-
clared his decision to establish a
“Dutch SS" as a sister organiza-
tion to the German Schutzstaffel
(Elite Guard),

“This militia will demonstrate
the Blutverbundenheit (blood Kkin-
ship) of the Netherland and Ger-
man people and illustrate the high
value that we Netherland National
Socialists attach to ancient virtues
of courage, honor and fidelity,”
wrote Mr. Mussert.

The prospective S& men would
he drilled according to the German
system. he said, by leaders trained
in Germany.

Mr. Mussert’'s partisans are al-
lowed to raise their voices with in-
creasing freedom. Unmistakable
signs of German favor were he-
stowed on their movement Wednes-
day when wreaths from the Reich

Commissioner, Dr. Arthur Seyss-
Inquart and other German officials
‘adorned the grave of the Netherland
Nazi demonstrator killed by a police-
man during a recent riot at The
Hague. German officials spoke at
the funeral of the Hague “martyr.”

The Hague chief of police, E. van
der Mey, was removed from his
post because of the incident; and
the Nazis have named their own
public prosecutors, Messrs. Arnhem
and Hertogenbosch, in the Hague
municipal courts.

Persons offending the Netherland
Nazis have been severely punished

recently. Also, anti-Jewish leaflets
are allowed to he sold on the

The new regime established itself
in the newspaper field by the insti-
tution of a Press Chamber yester-
dav. under the leadership of indi-
viduals representing the “Now
Order.” Drastic measures to adjust
the Netherland press to Nazi prin-
ciples are expected soon.

All except the official markets in
Amsterdam are being closed. as
from today. Most of the merchants
in the street markets have been
Jews, and the German daily paper
here welcomed the new restriction.

The New York Times

Published: September 15, 1940

Geert Wilders election win
officially confirmed

2023-12-01 HKT 22:30

Geert Wilders' stunning election win
was confirmed officially on Friday but
the far-right Dutch leader faces an
uphill battle to forge a coalition
with other parties uncomfortable
with his anti-Islam views.

The election committee said Wilders
and his PVV Freedom Party had won
37 seats in the 150-seat parliament,
an unexpected surge for the far-right
that sent shockwaves through
Europe and beyond.

All eyes are now on whether Wilders
can build a governing coalition and
become the country's first far-right
prime minister -- and the initial
skirmishes suggest he has a scrap
on his hands.

In the highly fragmented Dutch
political system, where no party is
strong enough to govern alone,
elections are followed by months
of horse-trading to agree a coalition.

Wilders wants a four-way coalition
with the centre-right VVD -- the
current ruling party of Prime
Minister Mark Rutte -- the
pro-reform New Social Contract,
and the BBB farmers party.

He needs 76 seats for a stable
coalition and the State Council
confirmed that the four parties
combined would handily achieve

The BBB farmers party, which
sprang out of protests against
plans to cut nitrogen emissions
to win upper house elections
in March, appears to be on
board, bringing its seven seats.

But Wilders cannot form a
majority without the VVD and the
NSC of anti-corruption champion
Pieter Omtzigt, and both have
for the moment declined to
enter into negotiations.

Most experts expect the
process to last well into next
year. It took 271 days to
form the last Rutte coalition.

A sign that things are likely
to drag on came later on
Friday when the "scout"
appointed to oversee the
process said he needed more
time to discuss with the
party leaders.

Ronald Plasterk said in a
letter to the speaker of parliament
that his initial report on the
talks, scheduled for December
5, would now only be ready
the week after.

The VVD, led by charismatic
Turkish-born Dilan Yesilgoz,
had a disastrous election night,
winning a mere 24 seats --
a drop from 34 previously.

Yesilgoz stated firmly that her
party would not join a Wilders-
led coalition, arguing that
voters had clearly indicated
that the VVD should no
longer be governing.

However, she wants to "support"
a centre-right coalition, raising
the possibility of voting with
Wilders to pass legislation
with which the VVD agrees.

Omtzigt was seen as a more
natural partner for Wilders but
he too delivered a crushing
blow as talks began, saying
he feared PVV manifesto
pledges contravened the
Dutch constitution.

The PVV election programme
calls for a ban on mosques,
the Koran and headscarves.
It also urges a referendum
on a "Nexit" -- the idea of the
Netherlands leaving the
European Union.

The party also wants to stop
weapons deliveries to Ukraine
and says the Dutch should
stop "being scared" of climate
change, as the low-lying
country has "the best water
engineers in the world".

Wilders softened much of his
more extreme language during
the election campaign, focusing
on the cost of living and reducing
immigration -- a policy shared
by all parties on the right.

But Omtzigt said the PVV manifesto
"contains views which in our
judgement go against the constitution".

"Here we draw a hard line,"he said;

"All in all, the NSC faction does
not now see any basis to
start talks with the PVV
about a majority or a
minority government," he
said in a letter to the "scout"
charged with conducting talks.

A furious Wilders accused
Omtzigt of playing "little
political games" and urged
him to open formal coalition talks.

"If you have questions,
Pieter, come to the table.
Then I'll try to answer you
nicely," said Wilders on X,
formerly Twitter.

Agence France Presse

Published: December 1, 2023

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