publication date: May 23, 2020
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From the News Wires:

Indonesia reports 949 coronavirus new cases, 25 new deaths Emirates News Agency
Oman announces 463 new COVID-19 cases
Emirates News Agency
Covid-19 surge takes Argentina past 10,000 infections
Buenos Aires Times
BREAKING: Benue Government cancels plan to reopen Churches, Mosques
Politics Nigeria
Panic in Dubai: 70% of companies to close within 6 months due to COVID-19
Middle East Monitor
Africa COVID-19 cases top 100,000
Pulse Ghana
Ghana's COVID-19 cases now 6,617 with 1,978 recoveries Pulse Ghana
Peru Reported Almost 3,000 New Coronavirus Cases, Death Toll Nears 3,300
Fars News Agency
Analyst: Zionists Using Coronavirus as Bio-Weapon against Palestinians
Fars News Agency
Tanzanian president’s son recovers from COVID-19
Vanguard, Nigeria
Dominic Cummings profile: aide at centre of lockdown breach row
The Guardian
Hertz files for bankruptcy; US nears 100K deaths – coronavirus updates
USA Today EU
Coronavirus: Trump threatens to over-ride governors
Trump backpedals on official claim of 'about 95,000' U.S. Virus deaths

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