publication date: Dec 10, 2023
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Ex-Quartermaster General VON LU-
DENDORFF, on trial for high treason,
took the stand in his own defense
and, operating-along interior lines, de-
livered an attack in rapid succession
on several fronts, after the manner of
the famous Spring days of 1918. He
drove deep salients into the Socialists,
the Jews, the Pope and the ex-Kaiser,
but seems to have done little to pro-
mote his strategic objective, which
was to state ‘whether he did or did
not set out to overthrow the German
Government by force of arms.

“A government of Marxists and
Jews ” is the standard epithet for the
Berlin Government in monarchist
circles. LUDENDORFF, in applying the
phrase, is careful to take in the Pope,
though it is uncertain whether he did
it in anger or out of calculation. Pos-
sibly it may have occurred to him that
Socialists and Jews are by no means
the whole answer to that break-down
in German morale, from LUDENDORFF'S
point of view, which led to the loss of
the war, again from LUDENDORFF'S
point of view. The famous peace res-
olution adopted by the Reichstag on
July 19, 1917, which rejected the policy
of forced annexations and is now re-
garded by the German reactionaries as
the first breach in the nation’s mo-
rale, was engineered by the Catholic
Centre Party, with ERZBERGER at the
head. It was ERZBERGER who signed
the armistice for Germany, and it wag
another leader of the Catholic Centre
in the person of Chancellor WIRTH who
made a serious effort toward a policy
of treaty fulfillment. ¥IirTH'S For-
eign Minister, RATHENAU, was assas-
sinated and ER2BERGER narrowly es-
caped assassination. As for the So-
cialists and their loyalty to Germany,
LuDENDORFF might have recalled that
it was a Socialist Minister named
NOEKE who suppressed the Sparta-
cides, with ruthless severity
saved the country from communism.
The task which LUDENDORFF has
now set himself is obviously a formi-
dable one. If he is out to save Ger-
many from the Céntrists, Socialists,
Radicals and Jews, he is engaged in
saving Germany from four-fifths of
the German people.

The New York Times

Published: March 3, 1924

Attacks on Ludendorff End

BERLIN, April 7 (AP).—The Minis-
try of Propaganda today ordered
the German press, including all the
church papers, to cease attacks on
| General Erich Ludendorff and his
neo-paganist "German God Move-
ment.” The order followed upon
General Ludendorff’s recent confer-
ence with Chancellor Adolf Hitler,
with whom he had had differences
of long standing.

The New York Times

Published: April 8, 1937


Flynn is ‘reawakening’ the
alliance of Christianity
and nationalism

The Hill

by Tom Mockaitis, opinion contributor
- 08/15/23

Critics of organized religion
are quick to point out the violence
inspired by theology through
the ages. “What has been a source
of greater death and destruction
than religious conflict?” they ask.  

The answer? — nationalism.

Worse than either is the two
working together. 


Nowhere is the unhealthy
alliance of religion and politics
more blatantly manifest than
in the “ReAwaken America Tour”
wending its way across the country. 

Retired general and Trump national
security advisor Michael Flynn
 launched the movement in the
aftermath of the failed Jan. 6
insurrection. At one gathering,
Flynn declared, “there is a
 spiritual war and there is a
political war” going on in the
United States.

The “ReAwaken” road show
holds conferences in cities
around the country touting a
bizarre blend of QAnon conspiracy
theories, political rhetoric and
revivalism. Events feature 
Trump-supporting speakers like
Eric Trump, MyPillow founder 
Mike Lindell and former Trump
advisor Roger Stone, as well as
Flynn. Vendors hawk expensive
merchandise while others 
distribute literature featuring
“research recommendations”
including “Alex Jones’s InfoWars,
a John Birch Society speech
and the Protocols of the Elders of
Zion, a notorious, century-old
antisemitic hoax,” according to
NPR. Speakers repeat the big
lie that Trump won the 2020
election and promote QAnon
conspiracy theories. Attendees
can even get a full immersion

The ReAwaken America Tour
is the latest manifestation of 
Christian Nationalism. Christian
nationalists believe that the
United States was founded as
a Christian nation and must
return to being one, governed
according to their conservative
religious principles. 

Many of its adherents go further,
embracing “American exceptionalism.”
They see the United States as
a nation blessed by God, provided
it remains true to its Christian
identity and provides an
example to the rest of the world.

Christian nationalists advocate
for school prayer, state funding
for religious education and abortion
bans. Its adherents have been s
upporting politicians like Georgia
gubernatorial candidate Kandiss
Taylor, who summed up her
platform as such:  “Jesus, Guns,
& Babies.” 

Like much of far-right extremism,
Christian nationalism manifests
itself pervasively as an ideological
movement rather than as an
organization, although members of
many designated extremist groups
espouse its beliefs. 

Christian nationalists figured
prominently in the 2017 “Unite the
Right” rally in Charlottesville.
Some could be identified by the
“Deus Vult” (“God wills it) symbol
displayed on their signs and flags. 

The red cross on white background
was supposedly introduced by
Pope Urban III when he called for
the first crusade in 1095. 

A prominent photo from the Jan. 6
riots features a man with a different
version of the Crusader cross on his shirt. 

Contrary to what the movement
claims, the framers of the Constitution
were not evangelical Christians. 

Drafters of the Bill of Rights created
the disestablishment clause of the

 First Amendment for a good reason.
To avoid the intolerance and bloodshed
caused by established churches in
Europe they mandated that “Congress
shall make no law respecting
establishment of religion.” 

Most Christian nationalists realize
they cannot get Christianity declared
the national religion, so they pursue
an equally pernicious agenda:
legislating their narrow version of
Christian morality at the state and
local level and using the courts to
support that agenda. 

Everyone who wants to live in a
tolerant, pluralistic society, but
especially those of us who claim
to be progressive Christians must
oppose them at every turn. 

Tom Mockaitis is a professor
of history at DePaul University
and the author of
Extremists: Understanding the
Domestic and International
Terrorist Threat

The Hill

Published: August 14, 2023

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