November 8-9, 2018 -- General release of Trump-Mafia collusion Road Map

publication date: Nov 7, 2018
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November 8-9, 2018 -- General release of Trump-Mafia collusion Road Map

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Since WMR began developing and maintaining the Trump-Mafia collusion Road Map in 2017, it has been WMR's intention to release it to the general public the moment Donald Trump made a hostile move on the Department of Justice and specifically, Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Sessions -- who was recused from overseeing the collusion investigation of Trump's and his family's criminal foreign entanglements -- Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller are all being targeted by Trump and his criminal associates in an attempt to hide the Trump Organization's close connections to and involvement with major international criminal networks.

On November 7, Trump fired Sessions, removed Rosenstein from overseeing Mueller's investigation, and named, as acting Attorney General, the Attorney General's chief of staff Matt Whitaker, a GOP operative from Iowa and a close friend and political associate of Sam Clovis, a Trump campaign official and a witness called before a grand jury empaneled by Mueller. This "Wednesday afternoon massacre" was the first step toward Trump's shutting down the important work of Mueller and his team of investigators.

The Trump-Mafia Road Map illustrates the myriad nature of Trump's criminal enterprises. Due to its size and compression, the .PDF file [download here] must be expanded by at least 400 times, using a .PDF viewer, for proper reading and scrolling.

There is an inter-active version of the Road Map. It contains side notes and other relevant information. It can be accessed by clicking here. If you choose this viewing method, be prepared for very long load times. This is a massive document. Your device may freeze during accessing. We are, therefore, recommending only downloading the .PDF document.

The inspiration for this Road Map comes from the late
neo-conceptual artist Mark Lombardi, whose detailed drawings of the Bush family's worldwide criminal enterprises were even of interest to the FBI in their post-9/11 criminal investigations. Developing relational charts is also a favorite method by which the National Security Agency maps out targeted networks of drug cartels and terrorist organizations.

The information in this chart has been compiled from court filings and indictments, corporation records, and news articles and represents the individuals, business entities, and other actors involved in a Trump Organization business empire. This organization, largely consisting of shell corporations and foundations extends around the world. This enterprise's criminal aspects involve money laundering, tax evasion shelters, slush funds, and criminal elements involved in drug smuggling, art theft, embezzlement of public and corporate funds, election manipulation, sports betting and gambling operations, extortion rackets, and overall criminal conspiracy.

WMR previously made the Road Map available for a small fee to offset the cost of online web hosting involved in maintaining such a massive document. However, based on Trump's assault on the Justice Department and Mueller and his team -- who was sent a courtesy copy of this map, for which his staff acknowledged receipt -- we are making the Road Map freely available to the public. This is to inform the public about the criminal nature of the Trump enterprise and help bolster the rule of law. Legitimate comments and additions to the Road Map are welcome, in addition to contributions to keep it updated and maintained.

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