April 24-25, 2017 -- Restoration of WMR

publication date: Apr 24, 2017
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April 24-25, 2017 -- Restoration of WMR

WMR should now be fully accessible after a 72-hour outage caused by a hacking and denial of service operation. Although the identity(ies) of the hacker(s) are virtually impossible to ascertain, sysadmin noticed some unusual activity originating from a NATO country in southeastern Europe shortly before the site went down.

It would make perfect sense that the US Cyber Command at Fort Meade, Maryland would "outsource" hacking of U.S.-linked websites to NATO's offensive information warfare elements in Europe. This action would skirt U.S. laws on computer abuse and hacking. NATO has established forward information warfare operations in eastern Europe, including in Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria.

This location on the Danube River border of Bulgaria and Romania has definitely aroused our suspicions about the source of the recent hacking of WMR. Any of our readers in the Balkans (especially our friends in Macedonia and Serbia) or elsewhere who have any information about NATO operations in this area -- even the observation of military-looking personnel speaking non-native languages -- we will be sure to expose their presence without any attribution to the source(s).

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