May 2-3, 2016 -- Welsh suicide? Not!

publication date: May 2, 2016
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May 2-3, 2016 -- Welsh suicide? Not!

Here we go again! It was just after Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Gary Webb contacted this editor and said he, also, was investigating the firm Affiliated Computer Systems (ACS) and wanted us to share notes, that he was reported to have died from two gunshot wounds to the head at his Carmichael, California home. ACS was involved in processing the U.S. student visas for alleged 9/11 hijackers Mohammed Atta and his compatriots.

Before even launching a full investigation, Indianapolis police are calling the sudden death of Indiana political blogger Gary Welsh a "suicide." Never mind the fact that it was Welsh who was the initial source of WMR's recent story on Florida Senator Marco Rubio's "foam bath" exploits in South Beach, Miami.

Gary Welsh, operator of Advance Indiana political blog

Police found Welsh's body laying in a stairwell at his apartment complex in Indianapolis. The police report states:
"Police dispatch stated that the caller observed what they believed to be a person shot in the stairwell of the building with the gun still laying on the scene. Person shot was confirmed and victim was pronounced deceased at the scene by medics."

Welsh was a well-known lawyer and political commentator in Indiana who combated against the takeover of the state by religious fundamentalists and opposed "well-connected" GOP presidential candidates like Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and Rubio.

Ironically, there was an Indianapolis connection to Gary Webb's death. The company he was targeting, ACS, Inc., had as its vice president, Stephen Goldsmith, a former mayor of Indianapolis.

Indianapolis police may also be interested in Welsh's last email to this editor, dated April 11, 2016:

"Great catch on his [Cruz's] ties to Oswald in New Orleans. I always thought the odds were pretty good of the old man having ties to the CIA, if not Cruz’ mother as well, since he was immediately able to get a great education at the University of Texas right after he arrived here and then went to work in the oil industry as a computer programmer. It never made sense to me how he and Eleanor wound up in Calgary and then later returned to the U.S. and he suddenly becomes a Christian minister, although he’s never actually had a church he could call his own. Who has been paying Rafael all of these years to advocate his Dominionist views and now tell evangelical voters that his son was anointed by God as foretold in the Bible. You can’t make this stuff up. You know the media is just waiting until if and when Cruz gets the nomination before it unloads on him. Was Eleanor’s first husband an intelligence officer as well?

Gary R. Welsh, Attorney At Law, P.C.
320 N. Meridian, Suite #615
Indianapolis, IN  46204"

The timing of Welsh's death just prior to the Indiana GOP primary, one that Cruz hopes to win to keep his chances for the GOP presidential nomination alive, is troubling, to say the least. Welsh was a well-known advocate for election integrity and he supported Donald Trump for the GOP nomination. His death leaves Indiana and its Christian fundie governor, Mike Pence, freer to engage in all sorts of primary election malfeasance and chicanery on May 3.

The profession of journalism is more bankrupt without the "two Garys" -- Webb and Welsh.

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