January 9-11, 2015 -- As previously reported by WMR, Hillary sees White House chances go down the drain

publication date: Jan 9, 2015
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January 9-11, 2015 -- As previously reported by WMR, Hillary sees White House chances go down the drain

As previously reported by WMR, not only has GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush seen his White House chances damaged by the Jeffrey Epstein underage sex slave scandal, but Democratic frontrunner for her party's presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton, is reportedly "furious" with her husband Bill Clinton for his involvement in the scandal.

Mrs. Clinton's early political life was dominated by her commitment to the rights of children. It will all but destroy Mrs. Clinton's presidential hopes if her husband's involvement in the Epstein sex slave ring are proven in court. Bill Clinton has been named as a materiel witness in a lawsuit brought by two of the women who were trafficked by Epstein when they were underage. The women claim that Epstein, a billionaire Wall Street financier, trafficked them domestically and internationally for sexual trysts. Clinton and Harvard celebrity attorney Alan Dershowitz, a vocal defender of Israel, have been named in the lawsuit as Epstein accomplices.

A number of email addresses for Mr. Clinton and 21 private phone numbers for the ex-president, his personal assistant Doug Band, and his schedulers were discovered in Epstein's personal phone directory. Mr. Clinton made a number of trips with Epstein on his private plane from 2002 to 2005. After Epstein, who is currently a registered sex offender, was charged in 2005 with soliciting a 14-year old girl for prostitution, Clinton's air jaunts with Epstein abruptly ceased.

Mrs. Clinton's frosty relationship with her husband since the revelations about the Epstein scandal first hit the headlines was on full display at the New York City funeral for former New York Governor Mario Cuomo. Mrs. Clinton quite visibly stormed past her husband who was already waiting for her at St. Ignatius Loyola Church before the service began
. For Hillary Clinton, her husband's alleged involvement in an underage sex ring could not have come at a worst time. She is already facing the real possibility of challenges from the left and center. Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb has announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination while Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is under pressure from the progressive wing of the Democratic Party to make a run for the Oval Office.

Meanwhile, Jeb Bush, who recently resigned from a number of corporate boards in preparation for a run for the presidency, has also been tainted by the Epstein scandal. Bush was Governor of Florida in 2005 when Epstein was first charged with having sex with a 14-year old girl. And it was Bush's administration and his Attorney General and successor, Charlie Crist, that first entered into negotiations with Epstein's lawyers, who included Dershowitz, Miami celebrity lawyer Roy Black, and Bill Clinton special prosecutor Kenneth Starr, to guarantee Epstein a 13-month house arrest sentence. Governor Bush and his brother's Justice Department also helped craft a "Non Prosecution Agreement" (NPA) with Epstein's legal team. The
NPA ensured that there would be no future federal charges brought against Epstein or any of his "co-conspirators." It is now known, as a result of the lawsuit filed in federal court in West Palm Beach, Florida that those co-conspirators include Bill Clinton; Dershowitz; and the Duke of York and fifth-in-line for the British throne, Prince Andrew.

Accounts of the Monica Lewinsky scandal suggest that President Clinton promised his wife that there would be no repeat of his actions in order that they did not upset Mrs. Clinton's political ambitions. The recent revelations about Bill Clinton and Epstein have reportedly been the last straw for Mrs. Clinton. Mrs. Clinton can only distance herself from her husband through a divorce, something that her close political advisers are reportedly urging her to do, but such an eventuality would do little to help her presidential chances at this point in time.

The multiple deadly terrorist sieges in Paris only temporarily drove the Epstein sex scandal story off the front pages. However, the Epstein story, which involves a British royal, a former American president, and two presumptive presidential candidates, is not going to disappear anytime soon.

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