April 21-22, 2011 -- Message of thanks to WMR members and readers from Tokyo

publication date: Apr 21, 2011
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April 21-22, 2011 -- Message of thanks to WMR members and readers from Tokyo

The following is a message of thanks from our journalist friend and colleague in Japan, Kenichi Komatsu, who received a number of food packages from WMR members and readers [with the sad exception of the contents of one package seized by zealous customs officials at Narita]. The editor wishes to thank all the WMR subscribers and readers who responded so generously and thoughtfully to the plight of our Japanese friends:

Dear WMR Readers

I received aid packs from WMR readers. Another pack which contains beef
jerky was not allowed to get through at Narita airport customs and
seized by authority because I was told by authority beef jerky can not
be imported without special pre-export examination. I am sorry for that.

Please accept my sincere appreciation for WMR readers' support and
friendship that have extended to my family and my colleagues. Those aid
packs really contributed to sustain our daily lives and encouraged us to
get back to normalcy. I can not find any appropriate words to express my
gratitude to WMR. I learned in this difficult time that "Friendship
doubles our joy and divides our grief".

Although we have frequent small and middle size aftershocks and nuclear
power plant crisis continues, situation in Japan is gradually getting
better. Daily staples are coming back to store. I strongly believe that
we can overcome this difficulty time with support from U.S.A. and
international community.

I shall never forget your friendship and solidarity with us. I wish you
and your family happiness.

Thank you very much.



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