June 18, 2007 -- News release from House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

publication date: Jun 18, 2007
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June 18, 2007 -- News release from House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

Chairman Waxman releases a report detailing the use of RNC political e-mail accounts by 88 White House officials. Senior advisor Karl Rove sent and received at least 140,216 e-mails on his RNC e-mail account, more than any other White House official, including over 75,000 e-mails communicating with individuals using official ".gov" e-mail accounts. Deposition testimony from Susan Ralston, Mr. Rove's former executive assistant, provides evidence that the White House Counsel's office may have known in 2001 that Mr. Rove was using his RNC e-mail account for official correspondence but took no action to preserve these official communications.

For links to the report and the deposition testimony, please visit http://oversight.house.gov/story.asp?ID=1362


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