October 11, 2005 -- I urge all my fellow Virginians to vote for Democratic Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine for Governor of Virginia to succeed the popular and successful Democratic Governor Mark Warner

publication date: Apr 12, 2007
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October 11, 2005 -- I urge all my fellow Virginians to vote for Democratic Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine for Governor of Virginia to succeed the popular and successful Democratic Governor Mark Warner. Also, vote for Leslie Byrne for Lieutenant Governor. We cannot afford to turn our state, the home of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison, over to the Bush crime family and their Religious Right supporters.

For WMR readers in New Jersey, I urge you to vote for Jon Corzine for Governor.

Corzine's GOP opponent, Doug Forrester, is a Bush crime family clone and walks in lockstep with the Religious Right.

For WMR readers in New York City, please vote for Democrat Fernando "Freddy" Ferrer for Mayor. Kick the corporate GOP shill Michael Bloomberg out of Gracie Mansion. His latest outrage is implementing a terror alert for the NY subway system that was based on a hoax emanting out of the land of hoaxes: Iraq. The latest subway terrorist hoax was a GOP attempt to divert attention away from the CIA leak criminal investigation and pin Syria with facilitating the transit of "Al Qaeda" from Iraq, via Syria, directly to the "A" train. Bloomberg was the architect of "Guantanamo on the Hudson," the detention camp used to imprison those protesting the GOP convention last year. Bloomberg is a faux liberal, he's just another GOP opportunist and supporter of the Bush crime agenda.

To all voting in various off-year elections on November 8, send Bush, Cheney, and the scandal-ridden GOP Congress a strong message by ejecting Republicans everywhere from office.

kaine.jpg (4588 bytes) check.jpg (3671 bytes)      byrne.jpg (29809 bytes)  check.jpg (3671 bytes)

Tim Kaine, GOV, VA                Leslie Byrne, LTGOV, VA

deeds.jpg (12542 bytes)   check.jpg (3671 bytes)      corzine.jpg (2274 bytes)  check.jpg (3671 bytes)

Creigh Deeds, AG, VA            Jon Corzine, GOV, NJ

ferrer.jpg (68052 bytes)  check.jpg (3671 bytes)  DEMlogo.jpg (2981 bytes)  check.jpg (3671 bytes)

Freddy Ferrer, MAYOR, NYC   Democratic candidates everywhere

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