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Flynn resigns as National Security Adviser. David Petraeus under consideration as replacement.
Jeffrey Sandusky, son of Jerry Sandusky, arrested for child sex abuse. Just another day in Pennsylvania.
From New World Order to Hazy Global Disorder. The Chaos Politics of Donald Trump.
Trump threatens Nordstrom's after he makes threats against Iran, France, Australia, China, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and federal judges. Nordstrom's stock value skyrockets as a result. Mango Mussolini is such an idiot.
Remember the Brandon Massacre. Man yells "Allahu Akbar" in Brandon, Florida Home Depot. Perpetrator is a non-Muslim meth head who lives with his mother. But we must never forget those who never lost their lives on Aisle 14.
Spicer wants America to remember the Islamist terror massacre of Atlanta. Eric Rudolph, the 1996 Olympics bomber, was an anti-abortion Christian fundie terrorist and that was the last major terrorist attack in Atlanta. But, hey, "alternate facts."
Trump regrets hiring Spicer as press secretary. Saturday Night Live spoof of Spicer rattled Trump, irritated Bannon.
War hawks in Trump White House threaten war with Iran. Flynn falsely accused Iran of attacking a Saudi warship.
Trump's alt-right movement joins Soros in Russia-bashing. Trump's cadres suggest Putin is behind U.S. protests.

Iran-contra felon Elliott Abrams is Trump's choice as Deputy Secretary of State. Why not? The White House has turned into Rikers Island South.
Congress must curb Trump's killing off of environmental regulations. The planet cannot wait for Trump to leave office.
Gov. Rick Scott (R-Medicaid Fraud) threatens Florida ports that do business with Cuba. Trump's evil apprentice is costing Florida jobs.
Trump, who ran to defend Main Steet from Wall Street, kills Wall Street regulatory fiduciary rule that protects retirement accounts. Retirees of Florida and Arizona, you've been conned by Mango Mussolini.
Trump threatens to cancel UC Berkeley's federal funding after appearance by Breitbart editor canceled. Trump comes to the defense of editor who describes himself as a "dangerous faggot." Wow, a dangerous fascist comes to the aid of a dangerous faggot. Good morning America!
Trump visit to Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee canceled due to protests. Harley canceled the event.
Monday night massacre. Trump fires acting Attorney General Sally Yates for rejecting visa ban. Sixth federal judge nixes Trump power grab on entrance to the US.
Soros on the ropes. Global hedge fund troublemaker finds many doors now closed.
Five federal judges stay Trump's border ban on entrants from seven countries. Trump claims he will ignore the orders, setting the stage for a constitutional crisis.
Trump eliminates the Chairman of the JCS  and Director of National Intelligence from permanent membership on the National Security Council. But Trump adds Breitbart fascist fatso Steve Bannon as a permanent member. There is something very, very wrong in this country.
  • Three federal judges "trump" Trump on visa/green card holder entry ban. Certain websites call this a partisan Democrat attack on Trump by judiciary. That is an "alternative fact." Judge Donnelly (NY) appointed by Obama. Judge Brinkema (VA) by Clinton, Judge Zilly (WA) by Reagan. If you can't get your basic facts straight, you have no damned business in journalism or in the White House.
  • George H W Bush in hospital. The howls he hears are from the saliva-dripping Kerberos, the hound of Hades, anxiously awaiting his arrival.

Bolivia seizes U.S. weapons cache. This is Pompeo's CIA doing this.
Former Peruvian president Alejandro Toledo sought by Lima. Toledo's Israeli wife, Eliane Karp, gives him an insurance policy to escape justice.
Radio Marti continues broadcasting anti-Cuban government drivel. Neocon contrivances never seem to die.
Leftist Obrador favored as next Mexican president. That will set the stage for a potential military conflict with Trumpist America. Let's see how many Texas Trumpers will be willing to die for the moron-in-chief.
Antigua to issue list of diplomatic passport holders. Dip. passports have been on sale to highest bidders.
Cayman Islands visas no longer required for Chinese nationals. China expands influence in Western Hemisphere.
  • Trump threatens Mexican president with U.S. troops. Of course, there are denials about it because such an act would violate the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo of 1848 and invalidate the Rio Grande river as the U.S. Mexican border. Hey Mango Mussolini, your wall will have to be on the Texas-Oklahoma border!

  • El Chapo extradited to U.S. Be certain the CIA will prevent him from talking at his trial about his "special relationship" with Langley.
"Fake news" copy of L'Osservatore Romano sent to Vatican cardinals. Sounds like the work of Cardinal Raymond Burke and his friend Steve Bannon.
Hamburg airport evacuated after foul smell wafts through terminal. Likely, an arriving passenger had availed himself of the free taco bar at the National Press Club in DC.
Former Shin Bet chief inolved in Volkswagen emission scandal. So, Israeli security officisls working closely with Adolf Hitler's favorite firm. No surprise.
Romanian Social Democratic leader blames Soros for nation's political unrest. Chalk up another loss for Trump's real estate investor.
Trump demanded that Hollande give U.S. back NATO money. Hollande should've responded:
"Es-tu fou?"
Belgium alarmed over spread of Wahhabism. And Trump just cleared the sale of advance missiles and fighters to two bastions of Wahhabism: Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Trump takes his orders from the same cabal, folks! You've been had.
German police round up Al Nusra targets in sweep. Al Nusra has been supported by the CIA.
Navalny guilty of fraud. He also hangs around neo-Nazis. Toss the key away.
Sarkozy on trial for corruption. Neocon is just a synonym for graft and corruption.
Bannon takes sides in Vatican internal battle. Bannon may have provoked Vatican rift with Order of Malta.
Republicans in Congress urge removal of meddling U.S. ambassador to Macedonia Jess Baily. Baily has been spending Soros money against the Macedonian government.           

Former Norwegian Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik detained pursuant to Trump's visa restrictions at Dulles International Airport en route to National Prayer Breakfast. Trump bans "Lutheran terrorists" from prayer breakfast where he prayed for Schwarzenegger's TV ratings. Trump needs to be placed in the "John Hinckley Suite" at St. Elizabeth's.
Putin says Ukraine President stoking violence in Donbass to curry favor with Trump. "Choco-shenko" is desperate without Obama.
Spanish EU official to Scotland: If Scotland tries to join EU alone, it will wait behind Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia, and Turkey.
U.S. deploying tanks to Estonia. So much for Trump's pulling back from confrontation with Russia.
Queen Elizabeth not keen on Trump state visit. Trump likened to Mugabe and Ceausescu. It should be recalled that Ceausescu left office in a firing squad.
Hamon wins French Socialist presidential primary. Valls, a right-wing Socialist, defeated.
Scottish First Minister tells London that Scotland is resolute on economic and political independence with Brexit. Wales will follow.                 
  • The world's second-smallest nation annexes the world's smallest nation. Vatican takes over the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. SMOM has separate diplomatic relations with over a hundred nations, is a UN observer, and issues its own passports. It is nowa de facto part of the Vatican. Where are the sanctions, visa bans, and asset freezes for the Vatican's illegal takeover?
  • Portugal's Mario Soares dead at 92. The corporate media won't report that Soares was a long-time CIA asset who steered European social democracy right into the hands of the bare-fanged bankers.
Translation: Christianity, Super-powerness, National identity

UAE to set up military base in Berbera, Somaiiland to fight Houthis in Yemen. That base will be run by Betsy De Vos's brother Erik Prince, the chief of UAE's mercenary army.
Pompeo gives Saudi crown prince "George Tenet Award" for counter-terrorism. That includes Saudi support for Al Qaeda and ISIL.
Israel lashes out at Belgian prime minister for meeting with Israeli liberal groups. Netanyahu and Trump are two bullies who need to go.
Trump praises Erdogan's handling of coup. That included arresting journalists, politicians, police and military officers, and college professors. Trump admires that! CIA's Pompeo to visit Turkey in first overseas trip.
Trump approved deadly Yemen raid with insufficient intelligence. Main Al Qaeda target missed completely but 8-year old girl killed. Trump is making George W. Bush look like Churchill.
Yemeni ballistic missile strikes Riyadh. It's always good when the Saudis get a taste of their own medicine.


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