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Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations. - George Orwell


Trump praises Salafist dictator Erdogan as Turkish president's thugs beat up U.S. protesters. The second time Erdogan's security force has attacked protesters on U.S. soil.
Trump's bizarre UN speech ranks right up there with the similarly strange. Trump tries to match Idi Amin and Eric Gairy in the lunacy department.
Trump now embraces "fake countries." Trump praises health care in "Nambia," a fictitious country.
Jake LaMotta, the "Raging Bull," dead at 95. WMR editor had some quality drinking time with Mr. LaMotta back in 1988 at the Fountainbleau in Miami Beach. Great jokes and a great guy. RIP.
Colorado city on lookout for shitting jogger. Woman jogger craps on sidewalk and even leaves toilet paper behind. There must be a job for this woman in the Trump White House, since they dish out a lot of shit on a daily basis.
Government agencies now suing journalists who request public records. Another example that proves the "law is an ass."
Mississippians want to restore the Magnolia Flag as the state flag. Compared to the eyesore of the current flag, with its Confederate symbol, the Magnolia Flag is much more appealing.
Bennett Windham and Jane Niles hold the Magnolia Flag, which was Mississippi's state flag from 1861 to 1894. Windham and Niles are across-the-street neighbors on Southside and both display the historic flag near the entrances to their homes.
Founder of Canada John Macdonald to be removed from Canadian $10 note. Macdonald's treatment of native Canadians earns him posthumous demotion.
Foreign students opting for Canada over the U.S. America seen as too risky.
Nicaragua joins Paris climate accord. That leaves Trump's America and civil war-wracked Syria as the only nations outside the pact.
Maduro calls Trump the "new Hitler" after U.S. president's harangue at UN. Major difference: Hitler wrote a book, Trump can't read one.
Trump makes further threats against Venezuela. Trump sat alongside indicted president of Brazil. How fitting.
IMF demands loan payments from hurricane-ravaged Antigua and Barbuda. Another reason why politicians should be hanged with the entrails of the bankers.
Ecuadorian president claims predecessor planted spy cameras in presidential office. Lenin Moreno levels charge against Rafael Correa.
Venezuela dumps U.S. dollar in pricing oil. Opts for Chinese yuan.
Rajoy government detaining Catalan leaders, threatens to seize finances. Madrid is using Israeli tactics on Palestinians against Catalonia. Rajoy is a tin-horn fascist, like his political godfather Franco. It's time for Catalonia to kick some "thithy Cathtillian" ass.
Neo-tribalism brings out long-repressed flags and symbols. Other "national" symbols become targets for removal and destruction.
Spain expels North Korean ambassador. Move comes after NK missile launches.
Political row in Bulgaria after government report concludes that Russia is a threat. Report issued before a prosecutors agreement is signed between Sofia and Moscow.
Tories seek Boris Johnson's ouster as Foreign Secretary. Johnson seen as leading inner party revolt against Theresa May.
Turkish schools are phasing out Darwin and Ataturk and promoting jihad. Turkey has fallen under a Salafist dictatorship.
First U.S. military base established in Israel. Located near Beersheba.
Greek Orthodox, Catholic, Armenian, Coptic, Lutheran, and Anglican churches battle against Jewish occupiers who want to seize church property in Jerusalem. Christians get a taste of what the perfidious Jewish occupiers have been doing to Muslims for decades.
Lebanon mulls Russian arms purchases. That should send Israel into more convulsions.
Indian UN delegate calls Pakistan "Terroristan." Insult follows Pakistani PM's speech to UNGA, in which he referred to Indian occupation of Kashmir.
Kim Jong Un calls Trump a "mentally deranged U.S. dotard." Definition of a dotard: "a person, especially an old person, exhibiting a decline in mental faculties; a weak-minded or foolish old person." Kim's got that one right.
Actress Priyanka Chopra trolled on social media for speaking of insurgency in Sikkim. While not an armed insurgency, there is a peaceful insurgency in Sikkim among those who want the monarchy and independence, snuffed out by Indian aggression, restored. Copra has a valid point about the "insurgency."
UN ban on Taiwan in WHO, ICAO, and INTERPOL creating an international security and safety nightmare. Taiwanese nationals banned from entering UN properties without a PRC travel permit.
NATO extends influence in Mongolia. Wants Mongolian officers to speak English, a step toward Mongolian membership in the "North Atlantic" military pact.
Crocodile attacked and killed British journalist in Sri Lanka after the journo took a shit in the croc's lagoon. Can't really blame the croc.
Mugabe family on shopping spree in Manhattan. Mugabe's son spotted in McDonald's near UN Plaza.
Japan conducts military drill at its base in Djibouti. Drill mimics a hostage situation involving Japanese nationals.
Oromo-Somali clashes in Ethiopia. Ethiopian troops sent in to quell riots.
Why all the Guineas? Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, and Equatorial Guinea are but a few.
World's newest and growing "micronation" - the Trash Isles. First citizen: Al Gore.
Lost to rising seas due to global climate change: Laiap, Nahtik, Ros, Kepidau en Pehleng, and Nahlapenlohd. "Chinese hoax," according to Trump.
Fiji-flagged ships probed for North Korean links. North accused of using falsely-flagged Fiji ships for evading sanctions.
New island off Cape Hatteras now connected to land. Shelly Island now part of Outer Banks.
St. Helena opens to tourism. Weekly flights from South Africa.
Icelandic government falls over pedophile scandal involving father of prime minister. Independence Party forces to call snap election.
Binary asteroid behaves like a comet. 288P discovered by Hubble.
Three new "Super-Earth" exoplanets discovered. They are 100 light-years away.
"Planet 9" did not come from another solar system. Planet created in our own backyard.
  • SLAY THE BEAST (THE DAILY BEAST, THAT IS). The Daily Beast and its "reporters" and editors are sheer crap.
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