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Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations. - George Orwell



The three Trump administrations. The executive branch now resembles a game of three-card monte.

Alan Colmes dies at 66. WMR editor appeared on Alan's Fox News show "Hannity & Colmes" and on his radio program. An all-around nice guy and a gentleman. RIP, Alan. And unlike what that fat and unfunny Al Franken did to Colmes in his lousy book, this reference to Alan Colmes is in a large type font.

Chicago ABC-7 suspends sportscaster Mark Giangreco for an anti-Trump tweet. And the transformation of America into a personality cult fascist state continues.

Leader of the "Fellowship," aka "The Family," Doug Coe dead at 88. And with him goes decades of secret control by a dangerous cult of politicians around the world.

ICE agents removed a brain tumor patient from a Texas hospital and bound her hands and ankles. There are many Trump humpers who support such brutality.

Pizza shop Peepergate in Pennsylvania. Ladies room "peeping Tom" caught at Luigi's. And the perp never worked for the Clinton campaign, but soon, some crazed Trump humpers will claim that he did.

British scientist convicted for taking hidden videos of women renters at his California home. Why does Trump permit British perverts to have work visas in the United States?

CPAC disinvites Steve Bannon replacement at Breitbart, Milo Yiannopoulos, after video surfaces of him praising pedophilia. As WMR contended from the beginning, "Pizzagate" was a diversion from GOP pedophilia networks that include Bannon, Trump, and the "Hastert and Sandusky wing" of the Republican Party. Milo also voiced his pedophile interests on the Joe Rogan radio show. Now, who recently appeared on that same program?

Russian ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin dies suddenly. Is this what the future of the CIA under Pompeo holds? A return to heart attack guns.
Nazi Baltimore before World War II. Then the Nazis landed in Arlington, VA. Now, they're in Alexandria, VA.
Trump White House ties to neo-Nazis evokes a shameful past in DC area. Richard Spencer and his "Steve Miller Band."
Trump erratic behavior puts world leaders in quandary. Trump changes his mind so often, his word can't be trusted.
Refugees flee U.S. for Canada. Looks like a headline from the fictional novel "The Man in the High Castle."
Argentine opposition moves to impeach corrupt Macri. Macri is the Trump of Argentina.
CARICOM leaders pledge support for Belize and Guyana in border disputes. St. Kitts-Nevis absent from summit.
Bolivia seizes U.S. weapons cache. This is Pompeo's CIA doing this.
EUROPE  [European Union flag]
Montenegro, a virtual colony of the Rothschilds, accuses Russia of backing a coup. Too bad the coup report is not true, since ridding Montenegro of the Rothschilds would be a blessing.
Finland on used arms buying spree to replace Soviet-era weaponry. It bought used armor chassis from the Netherlands. And second-hand howitzers from South Korea. It's all in preparation for NATO membership.
Trump's "Sweden Massacre" joins the "Massacres of Bowling Green and Atlanta" in the White House "fake news" annals. Never forget what never happened in Sweden. Photo of the only thing that survived the Swedish massacre: Now we can enjoy those delicious meatballs, minus the schlep to IKEA.
"Fake news" copy of L'Osservatore Romano sent to Vatican cardinals. Sounds like the work of Cardinal Raymond Burke and his friend Steve Bannon.

MIDDLE EAST    [flag of the League of Arab States]
Le Pen refused to wear head scarf in meeting with Lebanese Muslim leaders. Good for her. No religion has the right to impose its antiquated beliefs and rituals on others.
Azerbaijani president names his wife as first vice president. Nepotism from Washington, DC to Baku now rules.
Trump team ignores human rights outrages in Bahrain. For Trump, it's all about weapons sales and oil.
ASIA     [Flag of ASEAN]          [Flag of SAARC]
Kim Jong-nam assassinated by VX nerve agent. North Korea refuses to accept Malaysian police investigation.
Feline Pizzagate in Japan. Pizza Hut runs entirely by cats!
Senator calls Duterte "sociopathic serial killer." Senator was previously charged with drug crimes.
Singapore PM backs two-state solution in meeting with Netanyahu. First Israeli PM visit to Singapore.
AFRICOM chief shores up ties with Nigeria. Lake Chad Basin target of U.S. military control.
Ugandan troops arrive in Equatorial Guinea. It's one brutal dictatorship helping another.
SOUTH PACIFIC/ANTIPODES    [Pacific Community flag]
Niue High Commissioner to New Zealand eyeing run for prime minister. O'Love Jacobsen also looking at changing Niue's relationship with New Zealand.
Australians oppose Netanyahu visit. Visit is first ever by an Israeli PM to Australia.
POLAR/REMOTE ATLANTIC      Antarctica flag   [Flag of Arctic Council]      
President of Iceland wants ban on pineapples on pizza. The real "pizzagate!"
Want to get as far away from Trump as possible? Try Tristan da Cunha.
Norway warns EU to stay out of Svalbard waters. Latvian trawler caught poaching snow crabs.
WORLD OF SCIENCE  Oskar Pernefeldt Earth flag  Moon flag   Mars flag
Seven Earth-size planets discovered in or near habitable zone around nearby star. If intelligent life exists on these, there could be a Trappist-1 solar federation of planets, considering their closeness to one another.
Woolly mammoth embryos on verge of being created. Hope they stop there and don't try a T-Rex.
  • SLAY THE BEAST (THE DAILY BEAST, THAT IS). The Daily Beast and its "reporters" and editors are sheer crap.
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